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What We Wear... Summer Edition

Sometimes being the kids of a blogger turns out unexpectedly extra fun! I think my kids end up trying new things and doing random things we would have probably never done as "regular" kids. One of those things are photoshoots and trust me they don't always go as planned or very smoothly. As the kids get older, it gets easier, but I think this time it was more fun for many reasons:
- i got the kids involved and we made funny necklaces with peppers.
- i let them run around and be crazy ( most of my photos came out blurry).
- i shot some videos and for some reason my kids don't mind shooting videos. Expect a mini movie real soon.
- they knew a nice treat was on it's way. 

I was supposed to post before I left for vacation but I had lost the photos and thankfully found them again this week. So here is a little peak at what we've been wearing this summer and will continue to wear into the fall...

We LOVE our Wolf & Rita tunic from Ladida ( check it out it's 70% off), it couldn't be more fitting for MissE as I like to call her "felfel hara" which means hot pepper in arabic.  

The biker shorts are from Joe Fresh, the sandals Zara and the Upcycled Men's blazer made by me.

MisterM is wearing a super soft tunic top from Neige provided by Ladida,  some La Miniatura bermudas I got from Haute Look and a Scotch Shrunk cardigan, shoes from H&M

Be assured the peppers got eaten too, the kids were more excited for those than the ice cream! 

I received both tunics courtesy of Ladida and love them to pieces- so be sure to check out Ladida's new fall lookbook it will have you dreaming and wishing it was fall already. Seriously, they have a great selection of designer and a really nicely curated shop with the best selection out there. 



KCW Day 6... Fancy Pants Leggings

My incredibly talented friend Laura from Crafstorming has just launched her pattern company Titchy Threads and she released her first pattern for sale this weekend. I had the great pleasure of testing the pattern out a couple of weeks ago and I'm so excited to this awesome pattern with you today. It's called Fancy Pants Leggings , it's an instant dowloadable PDF with clear sewing instructions and even some great tips for sewing with knits. 

You can see in the photos below I made Miss E some of the leggings and shorts as well. The pattern comes with those two options as well as two cuff and waistband alternatives. It's an easy and fast sew and you can have so much fun with it- specially with the back panel... you can use contrast fabric, add a fun design, change the orientations of the stripes or just leave it as is!

Well today for KCW,  I had some major fun doing a little pattern remix of my own. For Mister M, I made him some swimming trunks. All I did to the pattern was shorten the length of the leg and lower the waistband a little. Voilà, ready for our summer vacation! 

For Miss E, I made her a reversible one piece swim suit. I used the short 
Fancy Pants Leggings  pattern, left out the waistband and cuffs and extended the font to create the body. I also added a ribbon at the back, to adjust the fit as well as to add a pop of color and major cuteness factor.

Both Mister M's and Miss E's fabric are scraps I got a long time ago from a store that specializes in stretch and bathing suit materials. Can you imagine all of this was destined for the trash!!!

Bonus, Miss E can get in and out of this bathing suit all on her own. 

I like that it's a little retro and has that vintage feeling I love.

Here you have both side...

and Mister M's swim suit once again...

Here are the Fancy Pants Leggings I made a few weeks ago....

I used my fabric against the grain and it worked quite well. This fabric has almost the same amount of stretch in both directions- lucky me! I used a contrasting rib for the cuffs and waistband.

Miss E loves her new leggings and just doesn't want to take them off.

These are going to be amazing for our hot summer days. The fabric is 100% cotton jersey knit with the cutest and tiniest little holes. Miss E will wear these under her skirt and dresses or even as Pj's. I'll be making lots more of these- they are so practical. The best part is that you can up-cycle old tees so easily with this pattern too!

 So I'd love it if you checked out Laura Titchy Threads new website, you can buy the pattern there! And until Sunday get 15% with code KCW15.

You might want to check out her awesome blog Craftstorming too- it filled with craft ideas, sewing amazingness and cooking goodies.

As for  KCW , tomorrow is the last day come see what everyones been up too on the KCW Flickr group and mine too!

***UPDATE: enter your chance to win the Fancy Pants Legging Pattern HERE on my blog***



KCW day 3+4... sew much more.

I hope you are enjoying all these sewing posts as much as I've enjoyed sewing for Miss E? 3 more days of  KCW to go and I haven't even started sewing for Mister M- yikes, I feel terrible! 

On day 2 and 3 I sewed some more from the same Japanese Book as the day before Enanna 80-90. I now realize that Miss E is actually 100 cm, so I have made all the patterns longer by 5-10cm, but since the fits are loose I haven't had to adjust any of the widths. 

In these first photos, I made this really awesome playsuit. When I went to buy a zipper the other day, I got side tracked ( as always) and came out with a bunch of new fabric, this little floral print beeing one of them. I love it! It's 100% cotton and I'm pretty sure I found it in the quilting section of the shop. It will be perfect for our soon to be summer.

Oh look there are pockets, well sort of! This pattern is quite special, I've never seen a jumpsuit made this way... It's almost like pants with a waistband all around, but with the front panels too.  It sort of has kangaroo pockets but on the inside. I wish I had the right vocabulary to explain it!

It was pretty easy to sew- the easiest project yet! and the fit is perfect. I just need to figure out how to make it easy for Miss E to attach the neck strap herself- they called for some D-rings, but she is too little for that. Maybe a snap? Any ideas are more than welcomed!

Can you tell the photos above, were the last ones I took!!!

Oh how I LOVE this top- this is my style!  The wide silhouette, the light grey, the little vintage lace detail at the bottom ( I added that)... I need to make this top in all the coors of the rainbow!

This pattern is also from Enanna. Did I mention I love every style in the book? Guess what I'll be making them all!

I love sewing linen- you don't even need an iron, your nails do the trick! This top will go with all of Miss E's summer bottoms- skirts, leggings, jeans and crazy patterned shorts!

And well, I didn't sew up these shorts this week, but I did a couple weeks ago! I tested out Heidi's from  Elegance & Elephants Bubble Short Pattern and this is what came from it. It has to be the cutest short pattern out there. I made the sailor version, with a lovely contrast fabric for all the details on the inside.

Don't look too close, you might notice a tear in the fabric- lets just say button holes and I just don't mix. Give me anything to sew- anything but button holes! My seam ripper went right through the button hole and kept going...

These were fun to sew and I can't wait to make Miss E an other pair, I also plan on making Mister M one too. To be continued...

You can see what everyones up too on the KCW Flickr group and check mine out too while you are at it!!!

All right, I need to be getting back to my sewing... see you soon! Happy Sewing!



KCW Day 2... a little bit japanese!

Day two and more sewing for  KCW , it seems like that was so long ago! I had fun with this little dress.

First, the ginham is this absolutely gorgeous Nani Iro fabric, which I got at the lovely Miss Matatabi Etsy Store. I can't tell how much I love the fabric- it's a double gauze with painted lines on it. It was such a pleasure to work with, can you tell I'm hooked!

I cheated a little to make the dress, I cut the fabric along the weft instead of the warp, but I really wanted to incorporate the lighter shades of grey that were along the fabric.

The longest part was cuting the fabric and making sure all the lines coincided. The sewing was a breeze.
I got the pattern from a Japanese Book ( Enanna 80-90) I've owned for a couple of years and just realized that it went up to size 3-4  size 3. Well guess what I am making most of Miss E's clothes from this book, before nothing fits. I actually lenghtened the dress by 5cm and she will have to wear shorts with it, because you can almost see her belly button when she puts her arms up.

I love the shape and collar on this dress. I love that it doesn't actually have sleeves, but it does. I love that it is loose fitting and that Miss E will be able to grow in it. I love everything about it.

 We had so much fun with this photoshoot, we had music going and props- it helped I told Miss E she could choose a snack once we were done.

There will many more Japanese Patterns tested in this home I tell you... at least one more to show on the blog tomorrow ( I sewed it last night!)...

You can see what everyones up too on the KCW Flickr group and check mine out too while you are at it!!!
Happy Sewing!



KCW Day 1 of sewing...

So as you might have heard, this week I'm sewing for my kids at least 1 hour a day or should I say a night for the KCW challenge. Since I work all day, I get to sew in the evenings and with this first project, well lets just say it might not have been such a great idea!

I had cut out my fabric pieces for Project Run & Play back in febuary and never got around to sewing it- so needless to say I had sort of forgotten what all the pieces where meant to be. I figured it out in the end and from a mens's shirt I made Miss E a romper, playsuit, jumpsuit... what do you call this?

I did mess up! I wanted to make my front waist lower and instead I cut the back pieces. The problem is that I had made sure the plaid would match at least in the front- and since I was working with recycled material, by back pieces didn't end up matching- but I was willing to live with that. BUT, now my back is in my front and my plaid doesn't match! Also, I will have to add some fabric- a gusset of some kind, because the crotch in the back is not curved enough- naturally!!!

Miss E loves that it's her dads old shirt, we even have a photo of him wearing it! I had bought it for him in a thrift shop when we first started dating- uhmmmm 12 years ago.

I love that she can get in and out of it on her own- so she will be able to wear at daycare this summer.

I think all the little details is what makes this romper fun. The pin tucks at the front, the previously existing pocket on the heart at the back, and the little bit of elastic at the hem. It also has just enough pink!!!

Here are some more photos...

and well, I hope this photoshoot isn't what all the photoshoots will be like this week, because lying down isn't always going to provide the best shots!!!

Well at least I know she can play in it!!!

I'll have day 2 up hopefully tomorrow- fingers crossed it fits! I don't see how it couldn't- you'll see what I mean.

You can see what everyones up too on the KCW Flickr group and check mine out too while you are at it!!!
Happy Sewing!



What's in your closet? Vintage booties.

I had an hour to kill today before I picked the kids up from daycare and so I did a little thrift shopping. I think the stars were alined- I found lots of amazing fabric and the best vintage boots. Not just one pair, but two and for both kids in their respective sizes. When does that ever happen?
Miss E is the new owner of these sweet baby blue Moon Boots. Perfect for the month and half we have left of winter. They might even fit next year.

Mister M now has a pair of vintage Dr. Martens- they are covered in the cutest illustrations of farm animals. I've never seen anything quite like this before. I think they are so cool. They didn't come with shoe laces, but I found these blue ones lying around and it worked out quite well- don't you think?

I can't wait to show you all the fabric I got too, it's all in the dryer right now.

Have a great weekend. xx



School Picture Day

It's school picture day at the daycare today, for both Miss E and Mister M.
Every year I get an email telling me way in advance what those days will be and every year I think to myself "I will be prepared" and then every year I scramble to put something together the night before. I always seem to be looking for things, sewing on buttons, washing off a stain and hoping it will dry on time- that sort of stuff.
Last year was particularly stressful- the long sleeve t- shirt I needed for Miss E was covered in yogurt and waiting to be washed. Honestly, how could I forget to do the laundry that week? She ended up wearing something completely different then what I had planned- bummer.

Is picture day a big deal in your home? Do you buy a new outfit or go out of your way to put something together?
I do put an effort into it, even if it's the night before. I usually have an idea of what the kids will wear in advance, but sometimes things don't go as planned. I do like the kids to be wearing something a little dressy, as if they were going out to a nice restaurant or a birthday party. But then again I like to dress my kids up.
This year I knew what Miss E would be wearing. Over the holidays we received the most lovely package in the mail from my friend Marie-Laure of Le Carrousel. In that package was a dress, a beret, some stickers and 2 lollipops. Oh, you should have seen my face! And the kids faces when those lollipops fell out of the envelope!!!
The dress was perfect, perfect for every occasion- specially School Picture Day.

As much as Miss E loves her beret - she thinks she is Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom, she isn't wearing that today. But instead a cute barrette from Hello Shiso, which I couldn't find and took me 30min to remember where I had to put it. And of course, her pink toe cap shoes from the All for Children collection at H&M.

She was very excited to show off her outfit to her class mates this morning.

As for Mister M, he is wearing some hand-me-down skinny jeans from Gap and a button down shirt from Zara, which I probably should have ironed! But who has time for that... Maybe next year!

Oh and tell me I'm not the only one who makes their kids practice their smiles. We do it in good fun- it cracks me up to see those fake smiles!
Not so much when I get the pictures in the mail though...



What's in your closet? Everyday Tuxedo

Last night I sewed until the wee hours of the morning and look what I made!

A Grandpa Cardigan, some tuxedo pants, and upcycled striped tee and an upcycled drivers cap.

Ummmm, now why doesn't my closest look so stinkin' good?

For all the juicy details check out my sewing blog-

Let's Do Sew.



The Shuffle Bot + Cloud = 2 Handmade Halloween Costume

The LMFAO Shuffle Robot and Little Miss Partly Cloudy had a blast trick or treating... Mister M was too cool, he even shuffled for some extra candy, and Miss E was the cutest cloud ever!

This year I carved two and a half pumpkins... Mister M wanted a funny looking one, so he got it!!!
Here is the cloud costume... I even painted some lightning on her leggings, made a headband and put some lights on her sun!

And the Shuffle Bot, LMFAO's Dancing Robot... That was Mister M's idea, and I wasn't allowed to forget any details: the flashing eyes, the heart necklace, the two color shoes with "party rock".

I had sooooo much making these costumes, I really enjoy Halloween, always have! One of my first memories of coming to Canada when I was five, was my first Halloween... And any excuse to get dressed up is a great one in my books...

It's really too bad there aren't many handmade costumes out there, my favorite one tonight was a taxi made out of cardboard box. The kids also enjoyed seeing all the other kids costumes, they had fun distributing some candy as well, our street gets pretty busy, the neighborhood park throws a little party with decorations and a magician, they block off the street... It's a big party!

Here are some close up and details of my DIY homemade costumes...