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Today I am sharing some Halloween costume Inspiration as part of this fun little series: Handmade Halloween. When Palak asked me to join in the fun I just could't refuse! Halloween is one of the first memories I have of moving to Canada, some 32 years ago and after that first round of trick or treating I was hooked! And it wasn't for the candy- I used to store that away and it took me a year to eat it. It was definitely for dressing up.

Really, any excuse to dress up is a good one in my books. So it's no wonder I love Halloween so much.  I get such a quick making my kids costumes, they always have the best souvenirs and are super proud of what we've accomplished. It helps that they won the neighbourhoods 1 & 2 place 2 years ago. And last year they were big enough to realize what was going on a little better. You can see photos of partly cloudy and the shuffle bot here from 2 years ago and of Elvis and his Flamingo here for last year. 
***Note to myself: finish your costumes at least the night before so you can take some decent photos to blog about!

We talk about what we are going to wear all year long, I think they love it to because they are always are involved in the process. I usually ask the kids what they want to dress up as. I do give some guidelines and usually we'll do a little google research too. I absolutely love to look at old vintage photos for inspiration- you might remember my circus costume and so I thought of sharing some of my favourites. 

How cute is that bubble bee costume up top? Now this is a dress your daughter can wear again- are they pleats or gathers? And the wings? Oh! Ever so delicate. For more Vinatge Geisha photos check this site out.

Miss E is crazy for horses. What a great idea this is horse costume! It looks totally crazy on her, but imagine on a cute little kid.  Don't be surprised if you see me try to make something similar!

How funny is this airplane costume? With a little imagination, this could be a great Halloween costume for little boys and girls. For more crazy costumes you have to check this post!

Oh! I just love the collar and sparkle in this Harlequin costume, it is so glamourous. Don't forget the pompoms on the shoes. Photos of Claudette Colbert.

This is one of my all time favourites costumes. This Giraffe I'll have to try one day. You should check out all of Charles Eames Toys, they are phenomenal. 

Those wings are spectacular. Miss E almost went as a swan last year, but instead she went as a flamingo. I wish I had seen this bird costume before. 

If I show this to Mister M, I think he might just change his mind. These astronauts are too stinkin' cute and so are all the images on this blog.  

I love the simplicity of this star costume. I wish I had the source of the image- let me know if you know where it's from.

Here is another bird/ swan costume. There is a little swan lake ballerina vibe going, as well as an Alexander McQueen one. What little girl would't love this? I found this via Tumblr, but cannot find the original source- it's very hard with vintage images sometimes. 

How about dressing up as a majorette? I would make this jacket wearable all year round. Maybe the whole family could go as a Marching Band? 

I'll be posting many more Halloween ideas over the month so be sure to pop in once in a while. I have these posts from last year which are still fun and full of inspiration: In Need For Some Inspiration & The Iconics.

And the lovely ladies organizing this series, Palak & Heather, have put together an awesome Giveaway with lot's of fun prizes- read all about it HERE. And you can enter right here on the blog if you wish.

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Check out what everyone else has been talking about- it is one awesome line up of great bloggers who are full of inspiration! 

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The Elsie & Co Circus 1913-2013... Knock It Off Series

I'm very excited about todays post!!! I have been invited by the ever so talented and amazing Heidi of Elegance & Elephants to take part in her series entitled Knock It Off. Maybe you remember the bear hoodies (here & here) I did the last time! 

Well this time I've gone a complete different route and decided to knock off, as best I could, this amazingly inspiring and stunning vintage circus suit. You might remember me blogging about it over a year ago, I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make Miss E a replica. So that week, back in 2012, I went out bought the fabric, rhinestones and feather hoping to make it that weekend. One thing led to another... Here we are one year later and I finally got around to putting this costume together all thanks to Heidi.

I realize it isn't identical... there are a few things that got in way. First, the rhinestones are expensive, secondly they are heavy, so I decided to put a few less. Next I had a hard time finding the exact fabric, specially for the bottom. I found a shiny fabric I thought could do the trick and bought the rest around it, basically a peau de soie which is really silky and soft and a breeze to sew.

I'm pretty sure there are over 1000 rhinestones, every single one was glued one at a time. I created the star and scallop with some pink felt and glued the rhinestones over it. I prayed it would hold and even after the photo session only 1 fell off. Victory!!! I used a glue called jewel-it, apparently the stones will stay on even after the wash. Hmmm, we'll have to see about that!

I love that I was able to knock this vintage suit off, I am so happy I took on the challenge and made it my own. I have to say I was a little nervous, I wasn't sure how it would turn out, if it would look anything like the original, if I'd be able to make it as special.

It wasn't till the very end when Miss E tried it on that I realized how proud I was... the smile on her face might have helped just a little!

She was so very excited, all that shine and pink tones... she loves it! She asked me if she could wear it for Halloween... we might have to go down to Florida next fall! 

 A little magic can take you long way.... I hope Miss E feels a little magic every time she wears her circus suit. There is nothing like the power of the imagination and a little sparkle too! 

Stay tuned for The Elsie & Co Traveling Circus, presenting the largest and grandest show in the world. Don't miss the wonderful, extraordinary and magical Miss E on the tight rope with her roaring lions, trained herd of elephants and educated horses. The whole entertainment will be found moral, instructive and amusing. Enjoy the show!



What's in your closet? Vintage booties.

I had an hour to kill today before I picked the kids up from daycare and so I did a little thrift shopping. I think the stars were alined- I found lots of amazing fabric and the best vintage boots. Not just one pair, but two and for both kids in their respective sizes. When does that ever happen?
Miss E is the new owner of these sweet baby blue Moon Boots. Perfect for the month and half we have left of winter. They might even fit next year.

Mister M now has a pair of vintage Dr. Martens- they are covered in the cutest illustrations of farm animals. I've never seen anything quite like this before. I think they are so cool. They didn't come with shoe laces, but I found these blue ones lying around and it worked out quite well- don't you think?

I can't wait to show you all the fabric I got too, it's all in the dryer right now.

Have a great weekend. xx



SHOW & TELL... Home Spun Vintage

Did you read the first post I did over at the Sweet and Sour Blog? Basically, I blurted out a little something about myself and then in relation to that I featured a kids clothing line. I got lots of great feeback from that post and I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate it to this blog- I think I found it!

So, as of today and every wednesday from now on there will be a new little feature called Show & Tell. Ummm how interesting, it also happens to be show and tell at my kids daycare on wednesdays!

So it goes a little something like this...

Do you know I am huge VINTAGE fan? I love vintage anything! I guess it's in my blood... I grew up shopping in thrift stores, wearing hand me downs and even upcycled clothes made by my mom- can you beleive I still have two of those baby dresses and Miss E wore them when she was little. I love garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and even a little "garbage picking". I spend hours at a time looking trough the Etsy vintage shops, and I get such a thrill when I find something I love. It might come to no surprise then,  that the first childrens line I ever ceated was from recycled fabrics and today I am often attracted by kids clothing that is vintage or inspired by styles from the past. Don't you just love it when new meets old?

Home Spun Vintage is about all that! Corrie and Kathlene are two second-hand vintage loving moms who have started not one but two clothing lines, the first is made from reworked vintage kid's clothes and the other was created to complement the first, all inspired by the yesteryears.

I can't tell how much I love their new Spring-Summer collection. Oh those colors! So gorgeous. The pinks and turquoise are lovely, mixed in with the navy- just perfect! This collection is inspired by the seaside carnivals of the 50's and 60's.
I am truly head over heels about the boy selection. It's always such a challenge to find good boy clothes, that are funky yet wearable. The diagonale stripes are so much fun and that denim jacket is too cute. What can I say about the girls- peter pan collars are must in any girls wardrobe, navy gingham is one of my favorites and how awesome is that colorful plaid.

L-O-V-E it all.

Get this, Home Spun Vintage is having a Valentine's Day Sale in their vintage shop- get 30% off everything in the store by entering HEARTS30 as the coupon code.



My Vintage (dream) Wishlist no.5

I was going to do one of my vintage lists and then I came across Factory 20,

the most amazing antique/ vintage store ever!

I don't think I saw something I didn't like...

From decorative arts to furnishing, all unusual and unforgettable.

Don't expect to find anything under 150$... But a girl can dream can't she?


Here are a few of the children's vintage selection...

Mister M wants to go to a class carnival as a clown... I tink I just found my inspiration!

My kind of game... I'm pretty sure I had something quite similar growing up.

Unfortunately this is no longer available...

Or maybe it's a good thing, I might have broke the bank for this vintage stroller!

It was this toy stroller that made me discovered Factory 20,

thanks to Petite Polou on Pinterest...




Coup de Coeur no.2

Call me crazy, but this vintage circus/ show girl outfit is something I would have spent money I don't have, in a blink of an eye! 

What more can I say G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. 

Have I ever mentioned I wished I lived in the 20's & 30's? 

I saw this here yesterday and have been dreaming of it since. 

Now would anybody be interested in a sewing tutorial? I think I'm up for the challenge... Miss E could use a circus outfit after all...



Hit or Miss: Mr.P

Would you put this Mr.P table lamp in your kids rooms or perhaps somewhere else in your home?

At first glance I though "oh how cute", the colors are awesome and how funny is this! But now, I'm not so sure... Maybe in a bachelor pad or the bathroom, but that wouldn't be safe!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one: HIT, MISS or ON THE FENCE (just click on the buttons below or leave a comment, i always love those!)

First saw these here and you can buy them here!!!



Nice to meet you... TIPHAINE VERDIER MANGAN.

Oh me oh my! Have you seen these magical boxes by Tiphaine Verdier Mangan? She creates a 3-D world with vintage images and gives them a new life, a whole new story with a modern touch. 

You can get them customized with your children's photos... the KIDDIBOXES.
I think this would be the most wonderful gift, one that would be cherished forever!
You can also choose from a theme, a story line, a color story... From the TINY TALES series.
Every frame is handmade with found object, vintage images, knick knacks making everyone of them unique.


Check out  Tiphaine Verdier Mangan shop, you'll be mesmerized!



My Vintage Wishlist no.3

I did a little virtual, christmas inspired, vintage shopping... 

Do your children wear something extra special for the Holidays or do you follow a specific color scheme, or perhaps both? 

Gorgeous 1935 red taffeta dress from Belle Heir

Green crochet vintage 1945 dress from BelleHeir
Oh so sweet little tweed hat from Petits Habits

A-line little dress with the cutest detailed collar & bow from Petits Habits

1940's Vintage Mary-janes with a touch of red from eBay

Vintage I-Zod heart Sweater, perfect for a white Christmas! From EBay 


Lovely red shirt, 100% cotton, Italian make from Petits Habits

Vintage Kelly green blazer from Petite Boutique

Red and black striped Italian cap from Petits Habits

Vintage green Polo shirt from Petite Boutique
Vintage clip on boy bow ties from EBay

How could I leave out this red velvet suit? Quick the auction is ending soon... on EBay



PRODUCT of EVOLUTION: The pedal car...

It's Mister M birthday this week, so I was thinking of dedicating the week to the boys... My son loves his cars, so much so he usually sleeps with at least 2, if not 3 miniature ones every night. What little boy doesn't love cars? Imagine one they can actually drive around... Pedal cars have been around pretty much as long as cars, they were the most popular in the 1920's and 1930's and then again in the 1950's, there seems to be a regain in popularity lately as well!

Here's a little timeline I created...

Nowadays you can get a pedal car that looks like mom and dad's or you can get a reproduction of a vintage one, perhaps if you are lucky enough you can get a vintage pedal car in it's original state or suped-up! Take a look at these little numbers...

Most of these are available at Amazon or an other great store, for reproductions or vintage styled pedal cars, is Classic Pedal Cars you should really check out their online store.

Have you seen these modern pedal cars?

This one is by Audi and cost more than the car I drive!

This is the Morgan pedal car, only 500 where produced...

This is my favorite! A 1950's beauty, Miss E would rock this car... Check out this blog it has some great reproduction that were specially made for an auction a couple of years ago...

Seriously, they should reproduce this model by Velam it's AMAZING. It belongs to the Micro Car Museum.

Prices vary from 150$ to 20 000$.
How much would you be willing to pay?
Perhaps we should try to build one of our own this summer! First, what we need is a driveway or a backyard so the kids could actually use their pedal cars...