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Oh look it's me again! It's a been fun blogging again, hopefully I can keep this pace up. I am very excited to be part of the Debut Holiday blog tour. I had the privilege to sew up not 1 but 3 cute items from some super talented ladies all new to the world of pdf patterns. All three are awesome patterns, easy to put together, clear instructions, notches in the right place and fun to sew! Seriously looking forward to seeing what they'll be creating next. 

So I made the 

Blue Ridge Dress


Hello Holli

, the 

Fishtail Kimono


Chalk and Notch

 as well as the 

Abby's Footed Tights


The Wolf and The Tree

 and a floral wreath crown to tie the look together. 


Blue Ridge Dress

  is a super sweet sleeveless dress with curves at the princess line and delicate gathers. I absolutely love that the inside is as pretty as the outside with french seams and a lined bodice. I also really love the bias finish at the neckline and armhole. 

I made MissE a size 6x with the intention of her growing into it. So it's a little wide at the chest, but she will probably be wearing it with a long sleeve tee until this summer. The length is also great for now and she has plenty of room for her to grow. 

The only modification I made was to add a cute little faux collar and I omitted the bias at the princess line. I knew I wanted this dress to be simple but couldn't resist the urge to make it a little special. If you would like I can have a tutorial for this simple add on. 

The main dress fabric is a slightly stretchy tomato red sateen. It has just a little shine to it, but you really have to look hard to see it. It is super soft to the hand, yet still has a little stiffness to it perfect for this style. However, it is a pain to iron!

The collar fabric has been in my stash for maybe 10 years now. It's a cotton with small flocked white bow pattern. I have hardly any left and use it very wisely. I wish I knew where to get more!

And just look at that back! Swoon. 

And look at that face ( and that smile it, see if you can spot a difference in a photo below)... a very happy girl with her new dress. The wreath crown... not so much. Haha! It was a little itchy and poor kiddo was a little sick and not so much in mood for extra props. 

Next up are the 

Abby's Footed Tights

. Well now they are knee high socks, but they started out as tights. I am definitely going to give these a try again. The pair I made ended up a little big and I ran out of time to make them again. The difference in fabric and stretch probably was the reason they ended up being too big. I had used 2 different fabrics to create them, so just ended up cutting them where the sock part ended and added some elastic to hold them up. I absolutely love the knee high socks and end result. I've had this sweater in my up-cycle stash forever and I just love texture in tights. I was going to use the sweater for the Fishtail Kimono, but felt like the red and green was a little too Christmas-ee, so I changed things around and made the socks with them instead. 

And how cute are these bambi shoes from H&M? Too bad they are too small already. MissE insisted on wearing them for the photos anyways. 

And finally I made the 

Fishtail Kimono

. I changed my mind at least 5 times and finally settled with this grey faux knit sherpa. I was going to make myself a Cocoon coat with it, but it's been sitting on my desk for a year now. MissE always ends up with the good fabric! I wasn't sure if the thickness of the fabric would work with the style, so I knew my good friend Mie had made the Fishtail and asked her what she thought of the idea. She was pretty excited about it, so I tempted my chance and went ahead and cut into the fabric. 

I was going to size up, but decided to go with the recommend size for my daughter's measurements. So happy I did. I did widen the neckband a nudge as I wanted it to overlap ever so slightly. After cutting the neckband on bias and not loving my sewing job, I ripped that out and recut it on the grainline as well as added 2cm to the length of each panel. It was well worth all the trouble. 

And I used the old neckband to make a belt. So nothing went wasted. I added two small openings in the side seams, so the belt would pass trough it and that way it not disturb the beautiful pleats at the back. Oh and lucky me, I had an exact match for the neckband fabric in my stash. It's a water resistant polyester type fabric, that melts when you iron it, yeah don't ask how I know! 

And look how awesome the back is? Such a nice little surprise! As you can see the gathering worked well the thickness of the fabric. I also added some cuffs to the style to give it more of a coat look. One thing I would change if I were to make the Kimono in a thick fabric again, is to move the shoulder seam forward by 2 or 3cm. I found the seam of the sleeve kept rolling back and not sitting at the right place on the shoulder. A very simple adjustment to make it fit perfectly. I just love this style, looks great in so many different fabric, it's super simple and fast to sew and looks super cute and stylish. I am excited to try it again, as well as the other two patterns. 

You can get all three patterns in each of designers shops and they are having a 20% discount with promo code: HOLIDAY. So here are their links again:  the 

Blue Ridge Dress

, the 

Fishtail Kimono

 and the 

Abby's Footed Tights

You also want to enter the


with a chance to win 300$ in prizes ( including 2 of MY patterns!). Click this way:

And Good Luck!

Now I couldn't resit taking some photos outside as the weather has been so nice and way above average for this time of year. We took a little stroll after early dismissal yesterday and put this outfit to the test. Sorry for the photo overload. 

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Hello! I feel like it's been so long since I've sewn anything. I am excited to be part of the Petit Oiseau blog tour. I had the privilege of sewing one of Melanie's of 

Filles à Maman


s new pdf patterns, the Petit Oiseau. It's so cool that she is a fellow Canadian/ Quebecois- it's like we are neighbours in this big world wide web. Hopefully we will get to meet soon! Now more about this top...

Petit Oiseau means little bird in french and so the first thing that came to mind when I saw the pattern was to make a Swan T-shirt for my little MissE. The ruffle reminded me of the wings of a bird and since I am a bit of a Swan fanatic, well the choice for this bird was easy. 

I did make a few adjustments to the pattern. First I made a size 7, since I don't sew much and MissE wears a uniform at school I wanted to be sure this top would last more than just this season. Next, I added cuffs to the sleeves and hem, as you know by now I don't love sewing and so making a hem with my machine in knit jersey is sort of a nightmare. I simplified my life! Also, I like that I was bale to replicate some of the fabric I used at the back to the front as well. I opted for the neckband for the same reason. 

I am not a huge fan of ruffles, but this one I just couldn't resist! It's optional and have you seen the rest of the blog tour? There are some great example of this style without the ruffle. I am going to have to give this pattern another try. 

I also shortened the ruffle and made a swan beak. that I sewed down onto the sleeve. The great thing with working with knits is that you can leave the edges raw. 

It's a fun little pattern. A super quick and easy sew. Great for a beginner, if ever you wanted to give it a try. 

Sorry this is the only pick I have of the back! I need to plan and take photos on the weekend from now on, it's dark at 3:45 before I even pick the kids up from school. I still managed to take some photos with our overhead lights on, luckily we have led lights and they seem to photograph somewhat ok.

My little swan was thrilled with her new top, well tunic! 

 It's been great to be back at the sewing machine and I have some more posts coming next week! It must be a Christmas miracle!

You can get the Petit Oiseau pattern in the 

Filles à Maman pattern shop


Bonus the pattern is at a discounted price of $6 and no code is needed. Get it before Friday December 4th at midnight (EDT). 

Be sure to check out all the other amazing version on the tour:

Finally, there is an awesome giveaway. You can even win one of my patterns! hehe. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a fun a spooky halloween? We sure did! Halloween costumes are a year long discussion at our home and so the year started out with the idea that the kids would dress as Asterix & Cleopatra but then the kids discovered the movie the Book of Life and my daughter wanted to be "scary" and go as La Muerte. My son was a little more undecided and choose to be a vampire at the last minute. He wanted to be Michael Jackson but I wasn't ready to tackle that project, maybe next year! 

My daughter had a very specific idea of what she wanted her costume to be like. I tried to trick her a few times, some things she let go of and other's I had to make an extra effort! 

First, her hat! We found a large brown hat at the Halloween store- of course I had to paint it red and even the red I made was not bright enough but in the end she was ok with it. I added flowers and plastic skulls as well as some greenery and feathers. I couldn't find any pink featherw! I convinced MissE that the pink lace I had in my stash looked a lot like the doily patterns on La Muerte's hat and I think it was a nice interpretation of it. I also made some paper caddles and thank goodness it didn't rain that night. I was supposed to make candles to go all around the hat, but ran out of time!

As for the dress I used the Goodall Cardigan pattern and modified it. I glue gunned some flowers and voila! I left the edges raw and didn't bother too much with the details of the dress. MissE actually insisted on the fabric being stretch! I also didn't make it as long as the original La Muerte's dress knowing she would have to wear it to ballet class and walk in it all night. I also added a few of the skulls at the bottom of the dress to mimic the original design. 

I also got an inexpensive long black hair "witch" wig to imitated La Muerte's hair.

Now face painting is not my forte! I was actually a little nervous about recreating this costume because of the face paint. Lucky me I found some stickers and just had to paint the face white and the blue eyes. MissE wore her costume to ballet that morning, so the stickers started to unstick after eating, drinking and playing all day but held up pretty well ( these photos were taken at the end of the day). I ended up removing the ones around her mouth and drawing on the "smile".

Mister M's costume was a lot easier to put together. We already had a magician cape and I just added a pointy collar as well as the red ribbon around his neck. He already had a white button short shirt, so we used that. Finally, I made him a pair of basic black pants (which he didn't have) with the Morocco pattern. I can't believe it took me only an hour to sew! I did leave out the welt pockets. The fit was really good o my son, I was worried the size 8 would be too big since he so skinny, but the leg and thighs looked amazing. 

 A little white face paint, some darker eyebrows and some vampire teeth and we were almost done!

I added some blood to the side of his mouth, which he was a little unsure about. hehe I also added some black spray to his hair but my the time we took these photos the black had disappeared and he didn't want me to apply any more as the spray was stinky and got into his mouth. Yuk!

Finally, I drew some eyes on his eyelid so he would never sleep! Which made for a fun and spooky video.

Happy Halloween from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

These kids their roles seriously. I couldn't get MissE to crack a smile! And MisterM wanted to hide in the dark. 

We were lucky this year and had some milder weather, so the kids wore warm sweaters under their costumes instead of winter coats like most years. We did have crazy winds and rain a couple of days before which totally ruined our outdoor decorations. 

And like every year we each had a pumpkin. Can you guess who designed which pumpkin? 

We had the cutest little bumble bee and spiderman join us for trick or treating. 

All in all it was a chill and pretty awesome time! Now we start discussing what they will dress as next year! 



The Goodall Cardigan... FREE pattern

The Goodall Cardigan is now available and it's free! Here is how you can get it... press play!

If you are wondering how it got it's name, well I thought it looked like a vintage college/ university cardigan and so I went looking for famous scientist and fell on Jane Goodall. It was an easy choice after that. Bonus, she is Canadian! After all this cardigan is good for all occasions. 

This is a loose fitting cardigan, perfect for layering and keeping warm this winter. My kids live in theirs. You can check out all the details for fabric and notions in my shop

The pattern works really well with sweatshirt fleece. I used rib for the waistband and cuffs for this panda cardigan which turned out nicely. I used the flat bias to finish my seams on the inside- this is why you see a seam all along the neckband. You can see the inside below.  Note to myself, don't use old vintage bias tape next time- it can be stained, frail and hard to sew with.

I recommend this method for thicker knits, it makes the sewing a lot easier. 

I used a boucle knit for my son's cardigan. This had some more stretch to it then the panda fleece, although no lycra. So I went ahead and stabilized the shoulder seams to avoid them stretching during wear. If you choose a knit with a lot of stretch to it, I recommend sizing down one size in the width.

I recommend using some waistband stabilizing ribbon or clear elastic but i din't have any on hand, so I used some bias tape. It worked quite well.

I used the regular bias method to hide my seams in this one. As you can see it replaces an overlock edge. 

I made this one a while ago. 

I added some elbow patches and instead of buttons I used some lace for the closure. 

I also made this a long time ago. You can see the original post here. I used snaps this time and added a decorative patch.

This pattern works really well for upcycling and recycling old sweaters. 

I used the original hem for the front and back. 

I can't even tell you how many times I've used this pattern! I hope you will too. To get your free copy you must join the Facebook group here:

If you would rather buy it, you can find in my shop...

Happy Sewing! And I hope to see you in the FB group, it's a pleasant little group!



Surprise Baby Shower

Surprise!!! My good friend Laura of Titchy Threads / Craftstorming just had a baby girl and I am thrilled to be part of this virtual baby shower the ladies at Paris Social put together for her. I have to say sewing this baby stuff has me wishing I was pregnant again.

Password: laura

Surprise from Celina Bailey on Vimeo.

I made 2 little outfits: one sized 3 months for the end of summer and one 6-12 months for the winter/ spring time.

I figured if the weather wasn't warm, little Willow could wear this one with chunky tights and that the sweater and hat would keep her warm.

First part of the outfit is the reversible cap. I wonder if MissE could pull this look off. I am kind of smitten with this! 

Next I made a sunsuit. I know Laura doesn't love pink, but I couldn't resist putting a touch of girl power to the outfit! I put some snaps at the bottom of the sunsuit for easy diaper change. 

Lastly, I made a small cardigan from an old cashmere sweater of mine. Every baby deserves the softest possible sweater. And the common theme through out the outfit is the little black floral fabric. 

I really hopes this fit, as I have never sewed anything this small and all these patterns are self drafted. If not I am sure Willow will have a doll she can hand these items down to. 

For the second outfit, I went with some more good layering pieces and slightly warmer fabric choices. 

First up, is my Tip pattern. I made the top length in the 6-12month size. Willow will most probably be able to wear this as a dress first and then into a tunic and top. I really do love items that grow with the baby, especially when they are this small they grow so fast.

I paired it with some wool bloomers. A pattern I made a long long time ago. Anyone interested? I have them graded from size 3 months to 6 years? 

And no I didn't knit the hat or tights, but I wanted to complete the outfit and found these cute items at Joe Fresh. 

Please go see all the other wonderful creations that have been made for this baby shower... what a lucky little girl!

I hope I will have a chance to meet Willow soon! And I just wanted to congratulate Laura & Mark once again. And now I need to negotiate and convince my husband for the possibility of having a third! Sewing for a baby is wayyyyy to fun!