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Mommy+Me= ACE & JIG


 What makes a garment outstanding? Is it the design or perhaps the workmanship? In my opinion, you can have something amazing but unless the fabric is spectacular, well then the garment just can't be outstanding.
Ace & Jig happens to be outstanding, their designs, workmanship & fabric are all amazing. The fabric is hand-woven and dyed in India with the upmost attention and skill.  The first time I saw their woman's collection I fell in love- their oversized red gingham caught my eye and I've been a huge fan even a bit of a stalker... I follow them everywhere, Pinterest, Facebook and IG. Consequently I discovered they were about to launch their first kids collection- and look it's now available, how exciting!

 You know the collection will appeal to your kids when two moms get together to create it. Jenna & Cary ( photo up top) are the creative force behind Ace & Jig, they each have two kids and after having all the moms from their neighborhood nag them about starting a kids line, they felt the pressure and finally did. I can't thank the moms of Park Slope- Brooklyn enough!!!

The silhouettes are simple and comfortable, perfect for everyday use. Of course they used their gorgeous fabric, the colors and textures are just lovely. Most items are unisex, which I think is brilliant, perfect for handing down from kid to kid no matter what they are.

 The woman's collection is simply stunning- I'm not sure which pattern I like best! The styles are just as lovely, dressing up in the morning would become such a breeze. I love the loose fitting tops, the jackets as well, both of these paired with a t-shirt and jeans and you look fabulous! I'm a sucker for jumpsuits- how great is the Ace & Jig one? It's just all effortlessly cool. One of each, please!

You might want to follow Ace & Jig on Facebook, just so next time they have a fun event you won't miss it. They recently had a Warm Weaving event, were the kids used some of the Ace and Jig scraps to make some crafts of their own. Oh how I would have loved to get my hands on some of those scraps, they would make the best looking weaving crafts, that's for sure.
Oh what I wouldn't do to live in NYC! Seriously.

The collection is available at a few different places, even Canada, check out their website- you can buy online too.
Thank you Jenna & Carry for making the fashion industry that much better!





SOFT GALLERY is one of my all time favorite brands. I really enjoy everything about this clothing line- the muted colors, the prints and embroideries of course, the art collaborations. Pay close attention to the little details, the pleats, the gathering, the uneven stripes, those are the elements that make this line so special. I also think it's great that they have added some basic styles to their collections, making mixing and matching a breeze.

I can't tell how much I love the boys selection, maybe even more than the girls! That is usually the case... I have a hard time resisting both actually. Did you know they have a woman's line too. Too cool!

Did you also know that Soft Gallery has their own online shop? You will find all their amazing style all on one site and even some items of past seasons. And they are offering free International shipping until May 15th.
I'm having a hard time choosing my favorites, but I'm definitely thinking of getting Miss E, Mister M and myself a little something. You'll just have to wait and see.




Mom & Me... April Showers by Polder

I've been thinking about starting this new feature on the blog for a while: Mom & Me- here you will find things, brands, outfits for you and your kids. It might be brands that offer collections for both, sort of like this post I did way way back or perhaps outfits I think can be cute for you and your kids or something like this other post I also did a long long time ago! Something along those lines... I'm still sorting out the details! 

Actually, how do you feel about matching clothes and accessories for mother daughters? I'm not usually a big fan, but when the items are so amazing- then how can you resist! Polder is a french brand that does just that- amazing clothing and accessories for  kids and grown-ups. Their kids division is called April Showers - I've featured them before on the blog but season after season they never cease to impress.  Their colors and fabrics are always beautiful , their collections  consist of simple tops and dresses, pretty necklaces, incredible shoes and adorable bags. 

The womans collection is just as lovely and comprises pretty much of the same items as the kids. I really love that you can match with your daughters in a very subtle way- now we are talking! How cute would this be for Mother's Day?
April Showers is available in the US and Canada in a few stores, some of my favorites being Flora & HenriThumbeline and Sweet Williams. There is a full list of stores on their website. Have a look at the whole collection while your there.
Hopefully these April Showers will bring lots of May Flowers...



Coup de Coeur...

What better day than to share one of my new features... Coup de Coeur: just one image of something that made my heart sing.

Have you seen these Snow Globe rings by SHANNAM? Although these aren't intended for children, they are great for Mom's, as each ring traps a little scene, captures movement and makes for great story telling...

Happy Valentines Day!!!