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Nice to meet you: SARAH JANE

What do the walls of you kids rooms look like? Do like to leave them blank or hang all of your kids drawings? Perhaps you have a favorite artist and have some of their art framed! Or is it like me, a little bit of everything. I wish I had more wall space to hang even more art and lovely prints such as those of Sarah Jane. Her illustrations make me smile and so I'm sure they would enlighten any kids room. A little bit retro, a little bit classic, lots of soft colors punched with wonderful brights- so so sweet.


There are many Prints to choose from- great for boys and girls.


Some with cute sayings.


You can hang one or more together.
Look how cute they are with washi tape.
On a side note- how did we ever live without washi tape?

And so much more to discover in the Sarah Jane shop... Look out for her new fabric collection too! I just know it's going to be so sweet.

You might want to check out the blog as well, there some free downloads and DIY projects I am sure you'll enjoy.

Oh! and Sarah is offering all of my readers a discount now through Saturday! Use the code SPRING15 at checkout in the online shop or the ETSY shop. Enjoy!



In My ROOM: Bring the Outdoors In...

photo via Decopeques
Well, it's been raining all day and it will be raining some more tomorrow too, so I thought wouldn't it be nice to bring the outdoors indoors! Here are some nice "outdoorsy" elements to decorate your little ones room... 

Wall sticker "Measuring Plant" by Domestic
Bring the campfire indoors with this felt creation from Etsy seller  Neafus
I think I might try to make my own, I love this idea and it looks so comfy! Livingstones by Smarin
This climbing tree is pretty cool, I don't think it's being produced yet... via  MicraMakaroni

Climb Mount Everest right in your room, or just sit on it! Thank you Little Red Stuga
Fall asleep with your favorite wildlife from LeSouk
How cute are these Log pillows from Etsy seller Bebe Moon
Light a fire every night with the Fire Kit lamp from Skitsh

A tree becomes a book becomes a tree via designArtist Shawn Soh 
 I love this coat hanger also from Skitch

Swing indoors with the ME&U 
Mushroom lamp from Bonton Bazaar

Another coat hanger, this one is from Land of Nod
Too bad this fish sleeping bag is no longer available
source: Odeedoh

How about this sleeping bag? Too bad it's not being produced...  by artist Eiko Ishizawa  
Need a little inspiration for a DIY project?  Look what you can do with some branches... Sweet! I love it... I think might try this in Miss E's room. And how great are these colors, kelly green and turquoise, one of my favorite color combinations!!!

photo via Flickr
photo via The Boo and the Boy



In My ROOM: Rock The Casbah...

Skull Cave by Our Children's Gorilla
I don't know too many boys or girls that don't want to be a Rock Star... Mister M is obsessed with his guitars, drum kit, microphone, harmonica, the list goes on... He won't go to sleep without his Gamma Go guitar pillow and we need to hide his electronic guitar he spotted at garage sale, it drives us crazy! So here are some cool rock inspired items to decorate your kids rooms or yours!!!!
Vinyl Bowls from Etsy seller Mosaichick
P.S. these are really easy to make!
Guitar shelf by Rocket
Skull Wooden box by Acne Jr
MP3 Player at PBteen

Plush Guitars by Grateful Thread
Boom Box Pillow by Gamma Go
Skull Chair by Nouvelle Vague
Album frames by Urban Outfitters
Vinyl Clock by Pavel Sidorenko
Guitar neck wall decals from Etsy by Vinyl Wall Accentst
 Guitar Pillow Cover from Etsy by The House of Sparrows
Wannabe amp speaker from PBteen

Pavel Sidorenko

Headphone book ends by PBteen 



In My ROOM: K2,P2!!!!

Still in the knitting mood!!! This time cute items to make a room snug and cosy...

One of my favorite crochet companies has to be Anne-Claire Petit... her items are so colorful and so much fun. She creates baby items, toys and accessories for the home... all so pretty! Mister has a musical car that he loves! There is so much to choose from...

One Etsy seller I love is Mary Marie Knits... Her chunky knits are delightful, I would love to get some poufs for the kids room, if only their was room!

Donna Wilson... creates a wonderful world of knits and things. I wish I could be in her head! Here are some cute items for the home...

And how could I not talk about this really awesome website... Wood & Wool Stool. Ingred Sangsen first  created some cute stools from recycled wood and covered them with some crocheted wool. Since, she has expanded her line, including cute hangers, blankets, garlands, pillows and even picture frames! LOVE!!!



Bit's and Pieces: When skies are grey!!!

Print from Etsy seller Kiki Comin
Some clouds and rain drops that will brighten up any day!The only kind I like...
From left to right:
1. Cloud mobile by Le Ptit Papillon (Montreal designer!!!) on Etsy, Drop money bank by Rita Botelho, Cloud long sleeve t-shirt by Bobo Choses at Kido Store
2. Cloud "seats" by Little Red Stuga at Little Fashion Gallery, Cloud camera by Lomography at Fred Flare, Grey cloud pillow by Donna Wilson at Smallable
3. Cloud necklace or bracelet by Hop Hop Hop at Smallable, Rain tee by Little Paul & Joe at Smallable , Cloud and mountain shelf and storage by Richard Shed & Noel Bramley

And how cute is this tee by Munsterkids...
If you want more... check out my pinterest:

P.S. It's May 1st, and finally the sun is shinning here in Montreal! Bring on the flowers...



Bit's and Pieces: more green living!

The Enchanted Cupboard

I created a little gallery of bit's and pieces of some really great eco-friendly toys and accessories for your little ones.. Some are vintage, some are handmade, some are organic, and all are green!!! 
1.Soopsori, Eco-friendly wood toys, lot's to choose from! 
2.Snooshy, hand-knitted eco-friendly softies. 
3.Calafant, the most amazing cardboard toys, made from recycled cardboard and recyclable!  
4.Set Carre, pencil roll made from recycled fabrics and this Etsy seller is from Montreal!.
5.HopScoth Kid's, non-toxic nail polish in the coolest colors ever!
6.Baby Doll, entirely made from natural materials.
7.PlanToys, green Dollhouse made from sustainable wood... amazing selection...
8.Severina, handmade eco-friendly dolls. How stylish is this couple!
9.Animal flashlight, just squeeze, no batteries needed!
10.Hecmec, eco-friendly chairs, entirely recyclable.
11.Boom Box, upcycled skittles.
12. Edmond, Vintage toys.
13. Design Lab 443, My Secret Robot... handmade from upcycled fabrics.
14. Night-night Light, solar powered by Clifford Richards.
15. Nook, organic sleep system... I love the pebble design!
16.Imagination Kid's, wood toys, handmade earth friendly! 



In My ROOM: a touch of yellow...

Pru by Sophia bird
I have to say that I really love the color yellow, and it wasn't until today I realized how much I loved it! There is a little bit of yellow here and there everywhere in my apartment. My kitchen is yellow and orange. My living and dining room has touches of yellow, two different vintage chairs, one for the kids and one for us, some yellow Moroccan potteries, a yellowish painting... Mister M and Miss E, more yellow... and I even found some yellow in our bedroom, a sunflower frame with a picture of me and my sister when where much younger (I have had that frame for the longest time...). My point? Put a little sunshine in your rooms too, add some touches here and there, it doesn't have to much. You'll see, it will make you feel good! By the way, the yellow vintage items always rock!!! 
Here's some inspiration... just click on the link bellow the picture for more! 

From Scandinavia with love
Apartment Therapy

Melissa Esplin

Boo and the boy


Pru by Sophia bird
Pretty Space


Milk Magazine

Family Living
 Want to share your kids room with us... send me some pics!



In My ROOM: Round-up...

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite Cowboys & Indians inspired rooms... In my opinion, every kids room should have a teepee and a rocking horse!!! I have also added some toys and decorative items I think would add a nice touch... Just click on the pictures for more details!





In My ROOM: Ships Ahoy...

A new feature: In My Room... all kinds of things you might find in a kids room!

Perhaps you've seen these images already, as they have been circulating a lot on the web these days. I just couldn't resist... How well does this room fit my theme of the week? Mister M would go crazy in this room... I would never have to take him out anymore!!!
This room was designed by Khul Design Build.
Go check out their website for more photos, and a full tour...

This is one of the entrances, from the second floor! 

If this is a little too crazy for you, here are some nautical items you can decorate your kids room with:
The ARK: sailboat mobile


CORAL & TUSK: Ship in a Bottle & Tug Boat Pillows

DESIGN PUBLIC: Oilo double cylinder overhead Lamp.

PAPA STOUR: Ship's Crew Russian Dolls by Allistair

PALIMPSESTIC on ETSY: vintage paper bunting flags from 1940's maps.