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Nice to meet you... Andrea Kang

I "met" Andrea Kang through Tumblr, I'm not quite sure how I landed on her Tumblr (I think she might have found mine first) but I instantly enjoyed it, every bit of it! So, naturally I looked a little further and discovered her website, Andrea isn't just a blogger, she is an illustrator, an artist, a product designer and toy maker... Everything she creates is delightful.


Here are a few of her toys...


And a few of her illustrations...

And some of her gallery work...

I had such a hard time choosing my favorites and there is so much more to discover on her website...

You should follow her on Tumblr too... I do!

Know if only she had an online store... Hint hint :)



Nice to meet you: ASHLEY G and DREW

I just love discovering new artists, specially illustrators and painters, perhaps because it's te art form I have the hardest time with myself. I have no imagination nor skills in that departement, illustration is the subject matter I had to work the hardest at in fashion design school! 

I have to say I should take more time to check out the sources of what I like on Pinterest. That is just what I did this time and discovered that one of my favorite "pinners" Ashley Goldberg was behind the creative duo Ashley G and Drew.  I am just loving their illustrations, I like the simplicity, the style and the colors... Oh! and the expression on those little faces. PERFECT!

Miss E's room is going to need some re-decorating soon and I would just love to add any one of these prints to one of her walls. Also, If I had a studio/ workshop space, the first print up top would hang there for sure... I can't wait to teach Miss E to knit! SWEET.

There were so many great illustrations to choose from, so to see more of Ashley G and Drew's work check out their  website, or perhaps to buy some prints, orginal artwork, postcards, +++ check out their Etsy shop



WOVENPLAY... Luv, lovin', love it!

What better way then to end this year of blogging with my obsession, my discovery of the year, my favorite of 2011... WOVENPLAY. I've showcased their clothing and accessories here and there on the blog, but here is a collage of their fall collection. As usual it's full of creativity, it's fun and embellished with gorgeous details... What's not to LOVE?
 I'm so happy I got Miss E the moth suit over the summer and Mister loves his aviator hat... I'll have to save up to buy some more!!!

I can hardly wait to see what's in store for 2012!!!

The photos I used are from these lovely online shops: Monkey & The Bug, Line + Liv, Orfeo, Nonchalant Mom, Sweet William.



Nice to meet you... PIECEMEAL

I love a good basic and that's just what Piecemeal is all about! I've fallen head over heels for this children's clothing line from Sweden. I love the simplicity, the subtle colors the classic prints and the just right amount of volume. Even the boys items are adorable... To top it off, sustainability is a key theme at Piecemeal  therefore all their fabrics are either certified organic, reused or recycled, they also work closely with their manufacturers. Awesome!  

Can you guess which is my favorite piece?

Piecemeal also has an online store, but you can find a few items at Quirky Collective (the first photo was from their site) and they are having a sale!!!



Nice to meet you... LOULOU ESKIMO

LOULOU ESKIMO is another of those collections that wowed me this fall... This french label is a new comer and one to watch! Their attention to detail is delightful and their choice of color and fabrics is fresh. I love the sequins hats and the polka dot skirt, but what I love even more is their upcoming spring summer collection!!!

Here's a glimpse of what's to come...

The satin jumpsuit is to die for and so is that lovely printed fabric. I love the volumes and the bow details here and there... sure can't wait for summer, already!

LOULOU ESKIMO is as creative as it gets, it's fun, whimsical, funky and original. Definitely one of those avant-garde and trend setting brands. Doesn't get much better in my books!

This label is on my list of favorites this year and probably for years to come...



Nice to meet you... APRIL SHOWERS by Polder

April Showers by Polder is one of my favorite collections, every season they come up with the cutest accessories for your little ones and I specially like their knitted selection.

Why I haven't talked about this earlier, I'm not sure since I dream of having a little something from their collection for Miss E or even me!

Your in luck, many online store are on sale now and you can find a few of the April Showers items on sale! 

Check out some of my favorite online stores: Sweet William, Thumbeline. or Smallable to get your hands on some April Showers.

If you are on the Toronto area, you must stop by Advice from a Caterpillar and check out their great selection.

Perhaps you'd like a little something for yourself and you could match with your daughter! The Polder collection is just as nice, just a little more grown-up!!! LOVE...

Can't wait to see their Spring-Summer collection, I doubt I'll forget to showcase it again! 
Expect more favorite this week...



Designer of the Year.... LM

I cannot possibly end this year of blogging without showcasing my FAVORITE 2011 designer, blogger creator, artist, dream maker, magician... LIESCHEN MUELLER.

You have no idea how I wish I could buy everything she makes for Miss E... You have to be quick, her creations are sold out as soon as they hit her online store!

I check her blog daily, just so I don't miss anything, wether it's her new creations,  to get a glimpse of what she's working on next or perhaps just to see the quirky videos she posts here and there...

I admire her creativity, she never ceases to amaze me... She is not a trend follower, but a avant-gardiste, a trend setter, a true artist.

I can't wait to see what's in store for next year (click here for a sneak peak)... Thank you LM for making this one a delightful year!



I heart... MiniBulles

I've been obsessed with these rabbit and mushroom night lights for a little while now, I first saw them a couple years ago in Paris, but unfortunately had no room in my luggage to bring them back. The good news is that there's this really neat online concept store for kids that carries them, MINI BULLES, and it's based right here in Montreal! 

But MINI BULLES doesn't only have lamps... They have a whole lot to love! They carry all the cool stuff you didn't know you could get here in Quebec, as well as some awesome local designers. They have room decor, toys, school supplies, gifts and much more....
Are you Still looking for some gifts, they have a great selection, check out their amazing lunch boxes or the Calafant cardboard kits.
If you are from Montreal, you can even give them a call... Now that's service! 

Did you see my advent calendar choice today? It was from MiniBulles as well....




Have you heard of Curio+Kind? I just discovered this L.A./ Budapest label and yes once again, I'm in love. My mom, who reads my blog, told me the other day: "you LOVE a lot of stuff!", and it got me thinking how children's fashion has evolved so much in last 10 years! And yes I love a lot of "stuff", but believe it or not I am picky, specially when it comes to kids clothes... 
Do you believe there is a very fine line between good and bad? I do! What I love about Curio+Kind is that they are able to make faux fur, sequins, feathers and metallic foil look good... for kids!
I find their collection is perfect for the tween looking for a fashionable outfit. To bad we don't have a wedding to go to, I would have gotten a feather skirt for Miss E... By far my favorite piece of the collection.
Their graphic tees are fun and the illustrations are great. I like how they pair them with the sequins and feather skirts, it gives the outfits such a casual look. 
Even the boys get to look good...

A perfect little collection for the your little fashionistas!
Check out the website, the intro is really cool, i could refresh the page over and over! Also, I found a few items on sale at this store and you can get some of the collection here too. 

Now if you get the feather skirt, I will buy from you when your girl outgrows 



Nice to meet you... Natacha Plano!

I'm always discovering new products, new collections, new designers, and I love to share all of it with you! Then, once in a while I discover something new and I get soooo excited to show it off, today is one of those days! I just came across Natacha Plano, an illustrator, graphic designer, painter who in her spare time time likes to make jewelry... Not just any jewelry, her pieces are entirely handmade with some delicate porcelaine which she then polishes and hand paints, making every piece unique. 

I am head over heels for these porcelaine doll pendants, I'm not sure if I would get one for Miss E or myself, maybe both! J'A.DO.RE!

I also love her black series... With the gold accents... L.O.V.E. 
These would make such wonderful gifts, don't you think?

Check out Nathacha Plano website for the entire line and vendors. 
All the photos are from this online shop.



Papier Mache... ob la di ob la da.

Oh me oh my, I can't believe I forgot to tell you I got my Papier Mache magazine in the mail a couple of weeks ago and WOW! I could leave it at that... WOW! I love it, I love every page, it's by far my new favorite childrens printed magazine. The content, the photo shoots, the styling, the clothing even the blank pages are phenomenal. 

You forgot to get a copy, your in luck you can still buy Papier Mache from their online store.

I love these photos by Amanda Pratt and styled by their amazing Fashion editor Katelyn Mooney... This was my favorite shoot. 

If you'd like more, you can get an inside peak on the Papier Mache website and you should definety check out Katelyn Mooney's blog, it's awesome ( all the photos are from there).

I can't wait for te next issue already...