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Designer of the Year.... LM

I cannot possibly end this year of blogging without showcasing my FAVORITE 2011 designer, blogger creator, artist, dream maker, magician... LIESCHEN MUELLER.

You have no idea how I wish I could buy everything she makes for Miss E... You have to be quick, her creations are sold out as soon as they hit her online store!

I check her blog daily, just so I don't miss anything, wether it's her new creations,  to get a glimpse of what she's working on next or perhaps just to see the quirky videos she posts here and there...

I admire her creativity, she never ceases to amaze me... She is not a trend follower, but a avant-gardiste, a trend setter, a true artist.

I can't wait to see what's in store for next year (click here for a sneak peak)... Thank you LM for making this one a delightful year!



Nice to meet you... WADDLER

It's starting to feel a lot like winter here in Montreal, the temperature is starting to drop below zero... So it's no wonder I feel like buying every piece from this wonderful collection, WADDLER

Everything is hand-knitted in Bolivia with baby alpaca wool... The whole process is Eco-friendly, from the raising of the animals to the fair wages the knitters get paid. Amazing!

The collection is composed of great classics, items you'll want to pass down for generations... I'm having a hard time discerning which is my favorite piece, definetly the grey pierrot sweater for Miss E, the yellow patch jumper for Mister M and the knitted bombachos for both, but how about the llama chaleco? Oh and I love the fur! Can you beleive, real fur and environmentally friendly! And How about the colors?

It all looks oh so comfortable, soft and warm... Perfect for our cold winter months to come ahead.



Nice to meet you... SUPAYANA

I really enjoy showcasing Montreal children's designers, but I have to say it's not always easy. So I was really excited when I found out that Supayana was making kids clothes and really cute ones too. 

Not only is the clothing cool, edgy and adorable, buttyo top it off the collection is produced locally and made from recycled or eco-friendly fabric. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 

Yana Gorbulsky creates her own illustrations and prints them digitally onto cotton which she then uses in her collections, making every garment truly unique and practically a piece of art! 

Need I say more? 
The prices are reasonable too... L.O.V.E.
From sizes 1-3 months to 3T. Too bad they don't go bigger!
Check out Yana's Etsy Shop for her Woman's and children's collection... 

I really hope to meet you one day soon Yana!




Have you heard of Curio+Kind? I just discovered this L.A./ Budapest label and yes once again, I'm in love. My mom, who reads my blog, told me the other day: "you LOVE a lot of stuff!", and it got me thinking how children's fashion has evolved so much in last 10 years! And yes I love a lot of "stuff", but believe it or not I am picky, specially when it comes to kids clothes... 
Do you believe there is a very fine line between good and bad? I do! What I love about Curio+Kind is that they are able to make faux fur, sequins, feathers and metallic foil look good... for kids!
I find their collection is perfect for the tween looking for a fashionable outfit. To bad we don't have a wedding to go to, I would have gotten a feather skirt for Miss E... By far my favorite piece of the collection.
Their graphic tees are fun and the illustrations are great. I like how they pair them with the sequins and feather skirts, it gives the outfits such a casual look. 
Even the boys get to look good...

A perfect little collection for the your little fashionistas!
Check out the website, the intro is really cool, i could refresh the page over and over! Also, I found a few items on sale at this store and you can get some of the collection here too. 

Now if you get the feather skirt, I will buy from you when your girl outgrows 



My Vintage Wishlist no.2

I've been doing some more online vintage browsing and here's are a few of my favorite things... They all happen to be from Etsy sellers, so just click on an item you like and it will bring you straight to the shop.

This blog is killing me! I guess it's a good thing not everything comes in my kids sizes...



I HEART: Handmade Charlotte...

Perhaps you've heard of Handmade Charlotte before, it's this wonderful blog about kids design with the most amazing selection ever! I would have never thought that you could be in the know, ultra cool and successful while living on a farm with 5 kids and a bunch of animals in the middle of nowhere... Thanks to Rachel, I now know it's possible and boy do I envy her! To top it off, she just launched a new capsule collection in collaboration with none other than Anthropologie.

The collection is as cute as can be, with the most precious appliqué and embroidered details. I'm loving the colors and the luscious fabrics.
What little girl wouldn't look adorable in these vintage styles?

Did you know Anthropologie ships to all of North America... Yeahhh!

What's not to love?



KIDInc: Mr. Men & Little Miss in Disguise...

To keep within the Halloween spirit, I thought i'd share these cool KIDINC t-shirts with you today!
Mister M and Miss E love their Mr.Men & Little Miss books, so it's no surprise these tees caught my eye when I first saw them on Small For Big.

Kindinc is a tee-shirt company for the whole family, full of color, humor, edgy graphics and major coolness factor...

Mister M is really into his Super Heros these days ( it doesn't help that Daddy Cool is a vintage comic book geek!), so it's no wonder Mister Iron is his favorite.

Guess which I like best?

This one cracks me up!

So to check out the whole collection on their website.

How would you disguise your Mr. Men or Little Miss as?



Outfitted no.2

I loved this photo by Joanna Paterson, and with Halloween approaching I think I was attracted by the masks and decided this photo would be my starting point and inspiration for the outfits of the week...

For the Boys:
1. Wolf mask from Amazon, 2. Fur hat by Petit Nord at Smallable, 3. Finger In the Nose aviator leather jacket at LFG, 4. Jacquard knit sweater from Stella McCartney kids, 5. Plaid shirt from Zara, 6. Bobo Choses knit scarf at Monkey and the Bug 7. Esp. No1 jeans at Sweet Williams 8. Classic English suede booty by StarRite.

For the Girls
1. Rabbit mask from Amazon, 2. Chunky knit hat by Rockafellar from i dream elephants, 3. Grey coat at Zara, 4. Scotch & Soda cut-off gloves at Sienna loves Kai, 5. Mustard Miller sweater with elbow patches at Elias & Grace, 6. White patent leather colar by Simonetta, 7. Rabbit Dress by Muchacha at LFG, 8. BodeBo colorful tights at Vestiaire de Jeanne, 9. Red suede shoes by Anniel at Smallable.

Which is your favorite piece?


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I HEART: Bobo Choses

So you've probably heard of Bobo Choses before... This is probably the most talked about, blogged about collection of this fall and with reason! So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it too...

My mom was in Spain a couple months ago and I begged her to get me something from Bobo Choses, which happens to be based in Barcelona. Unfortunately, she was in a small town on the Costa Del Sol and had no luck finding anything from this fun and whimsical line. They have the knack of knowing exactly what kids are going to like. I don't know about you, but my kids love their umbrellas and would wear this sweater proudly! And how cute is Bobo the Owl? It seems that every season only gets better. I have to say I can't wait to see what their going to come up with next, already!

They value quality and choose only the best and natural fabrics. They also give 10% of their profits to the ACT project which in turn gives the opportunity to the woman of Bangladesh to go to school. Seriously what's not to L-O-V-E?

This season Bobo Choses was inspired by Chelsea, NY... And with every new collections comes a little story:

by Felipe Cano

I know New York is very big, but in Chelsea there are buildings that are bigger than New York. Like mazes, or like African elephants, or like warships. I can see them from my bedroom window.
Today is a grey day, and it's cold too, but only when I press my nose against the window pane...
I like to get it all fogged up, and write my name on it, so then the whole city knows my name...
From here I can see the River Hudson. It's always saying "goodbye", but it never goes away!
Now it's starting to rain. On my street there are trees you can shelter under when the rain wants to get you all wet. But even though it's raining, the birds keep on singing, and the squirrels keep on jumping...and even the BOBO owl keeps on flying all night through the sky in Chelsea, so that we kids don't get nightmares while we are asleep.
The clouds are going away fast because they don't like big cities. They don't like the noise. Or the bright lights. Or the people. If they knew Chelsea properly, they'd like so much that they would stay and live here... but then when would we get to see the sun? Beter just wave them goodbye and pretend...

That's all I have done this afternoon, eating pretzels and looking out my bedroom window.

If you are looking to buy the line some items are available at Smallable or Little Fashion Gallery, but Guapito is one of my favorite online shops and they carry most of the Bobo Choses collection...

So check it out... there is so much more to look at... LOVE it all!

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Fall outfits... my wishful thinking!

So I've been doing some more browsing on the net and I put together an outfit for Miss E and one for Mister M... Now I just need to figure out how to make some quick cash! Any suggestion? 

For Miss E, my wishful thinking!
1- Knitted Hat from the Gap. 2- Sleeveless Fur Vest from Antik Batik. 3- Cable Knit Cardigan from H&M. 4. Denim Shirt from Chloe @ Little Fashion Gallery. 5- A Kristina Klarin necklace. 6- Belted bag from JCrew. 7- Color block ballerinas from Zara. 8- Khaki Corduroy pleated pants by Bellerose @ Elias & Grace.

For Mister M. Still dreaming... nothing wrong with that right?

1- Batman knitted hat from Oeuf Nyc. 2- Army Jacket from Zadig et Voltaire. 3- Thivk Knit Sweater by Wovenplay @ Monkey and the Bug. 4- Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Nico Nico @ Nonchalant Mom. 5- Black Suspendors from Zara. 6- Army Backpack by Zowie @ Little Fashion Gallery. 7. Bright Blue Skinny jeans by Esp. no1 @ Sweet William. 9- Pepe Velcro High Tops @ Elias & Grace.
 There are so many awesome items for this fall, that I'll be posting an outfit a week! A new little feature on the blog, what do you think?



Les Ballets Russes at SOFT GALLERY...

"Celebrate what you want to see more of", Thomas J. Peters

I'm not sure I need to say much today... I only wish Miss E was big enough to take ballet classes, so then I would have a great excuse to get her one of these Soft Gallery owl leotards! Couldn't Miss E wear one of these at our nightly dance parties? In L-O-V-E.

For this fall, Soft Gallery was inspired by "The Ballet Russes". 

Soft Gallery enjoys collaborating with different artist to create their collection and with every new season comes new collaboration. This fall was no different, all these artist contributed to the elaboration of the Ballet Russes collection: Fontaine Anderson, Anne Lindberg, Nacho Gill, Mikka, Louise Boye, Kristine Mandsberg, Rafaela de Campos.

The graphics, details and embroidery are spectacular. I really like the way they use silkscreening with just a touch of embroidery on some styles. Clever!

New this fall at Soft Gallery is their"basic" collection of two tone jersey items, in their classic muted colors...

Do you love what you see? These styles also come in baby and woman sizes...
The home page of their website has a really sweet video... so check it out!
For the full collection, photos, campaign and whatnot go here...

Now I haven't talked much about my new job... I'll just say that I now have access to an embroidery machine. If I could just figure out how to work it better! AHHH! The possibilities!



My Fall Wish List... Vintage Style!

I've been doing some "vintage" window shopping...Online! Is there a term for that?
Here are the items I really wish I could buy!

For Miss E...

Lovely purple hand knit sweater from Etsy seller Rachel Chayes.

Great corduroy and faux fur fall jacket by Etsy seller Young Team 1981.

Faux fur 70's vest from Etsy seller Retro Spectro Vintage.

How about this sweater from Red Beach Girl with this maxi skirt from Fairy Mimi.

I just discovered this great online store from Belgium, Petite Boutique. Their selection is truly exceptional, classic vintage pieces for the true fan! Here is a small selection for the girls... For the boys, scroll all the way down.

For Mister M...

Nice Lacoste sweater from Etsy seller Verseau Vintage.

How cool is this boyscout shirt from Japan? From Etsy seller Rollerscait.

How perfect are these corduroy pants for this fall's colored pants trend? From Etsy seller MissShapes.

Mister M would look great in this Tiger tee, from Etsy seller Rogue Retro.

Too bad these sweatpants are wayyyy to small for both my kids! I could totally picture Gwen Stephanie buying these, wouldn't you? From Etsy seller Fibie.

How about these black leather boots? Just like the Beatles wore... I know I want a pair! From Esty seller Retro Man Vintage.

Another Lacoste number, this would make a great fall jacket. I'm loving the light grey and navy mix. From Blue Bird Vintage.

More from Petite Boutique....

The boy stuff seams to be selling well, so if you've got your eye on something... Don't wait to long!