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Craft It Foward... Giveaway!

I thought I would start the week with a giveaway, but not just any giveaway... It's the Craft It Forward giveaway.
Here's how it goes...
I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here... They must in turn post this on their blog or on the Craft It Forward Facebook page and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment. The rules are that it must be handmade by you (sewing, painting, pottery, photography, doodle, whatever!), and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011.

I commented on I'm with Leia's blog and I can't wait to see what I'll get in the mail... I promise to share as soon as I get it!

So who wants to play? If you think your not crafty enough, no worries! What counts is that you make a little something, ANYTHING! If your out of ideas, try one of my tutorials! Or I'll totally help if you want... For more inspiration you can check out my Pinterest, I have a few DIY boards with easy ideas to try out...

When you leave a comment, let me know if you want something for you or your kids.... Don't forget to leave your e-mail as well.

You want to know more about Craft It Forward, click on the button below...

You have no idea how excited I am... Tis the season to be jolly!



La Petite...

La Petite Magazine, you probably know it by now, I've bragged about it on several occasions! It's one of my favorite online children's fashion & design magazine. Issue no 6 just came out and once again they cease to amaze, with every new issue comes better, more striking photo shoots and content.
What I love in this particular number was all the inspiration... It makes me want to dress my kids better, take better photos of them, decorate their rooms with more attention, it makes me want to be that much more creative. And if that isn't enough, I want to travel to where the mountains are and for my kids to have lot's of freckles with gorgeous red hair.... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Their is so much much to discover in La Petite, new cool brands, some amazing tips to make your kids rooms extra special and even some fun, easy DIY tutorials (no sewing machine required). Guess which one I'm thinking of trying out?

All theses photos are just to get you in the mood... So, Grab a cup of coffee, get into a comfortable chair and get ready to be amazed.

Turn to page 244... Do you recognize anyone?

I was thrilled to be asked by Rachelle Wilde, the editor in chief, to contribute to the Gift Guide. I am so honored to be featured with such amazing and talented bloggers... I'm still blushing! So please, pretty please have a closer look at mine and everyone else's pick, you won't be disappointed...



The Shuffle Bot + Cloud = 2 Handmade Halloween Costume

The LMFAO Shuffle Robot and Little Miss Partly Cloudy had a blast trick or treating... Mister M was too cool, he even shuffled for some extra candy, and Miss E was the cutest cloud ever!

This year I carved two and a half pumpkins... Mister M wanted a funny looking one, so he got it!!!
Here is the cloud costume... I even painted some lightning on her leggings, made a headband and put some lights on her sun!

And the Shuffle Bot, LMFAO's Dancing Robot... That was Mister M's idea, and I wasn't allowed to forget any details: the flashing eyes, the heart necklace, the two color shoes with "party rock".

I had sooooo much making these costumes, I really enjoy Halloween, always have! One of my first memories of coming to Canada when I was five, was my first Halloween... And any excuse to get dressed up is a great one in my books...

It's really too bad there aren't many handmade costumes out there, my favorite one tonight was a taxi made out of cardboard box. The kids also enjoyed seeing all the other kids costumes, they had fun distributing some candy as well, our street gets pretty busy, the neighborhood park throws a little party with decorations and a magician, they block off the street... It's a big party!

Here are some close up and details of my DIY homemade costumes...



So sew much!

This week I cut, I sewed, then I cut some more and I sewed a lot!!! Yet, I didn't get done half of what I had intended, and a few pieces have been cut and are ready to sew... I need just a few more hours, so don't be surprised to see another one of these posts real soon!

So here's what I did get done... All of these are my own creations, actually I didn't even use any patterns... I just cut straight into the fabric!

For Mister M...

Some comfy leggings with some cool knee patches that once belonged to a pair of suede pants.

This was made from his Daddy Cool's shirt...
Mister M is long and lean... so I made him some long and skinny "Dressy" pants... The photos aren't great, sorry!
Miss E was spoiled...
This was an old sweater... upcycled into a girlie dress with some cute lace detail.

These leggings slouch at the bottom to give a leg warmer effect...
 They were made (the lower part) with some old arm warmers, who wears those anymore?
The reversible vest...
Upcycled Hoodie turned into a warm jumpsuit...
These are made from a lace dress I found at the thrift store...
2 belts, one elastic with a heart buckle (these things have been in my sewing box for years!)
One with fluorescent pink gros grain ribbon covered with lace.

This is made from some pink modal fabric I've had for while now... I then cut out a big heart out of iron-on foil.
This scarf is made from an old table runner and I sewed up these suspenders with some
vintage elastic and a small piece of red leather.
A little bit of military inspiration... the buttons were taken off a broken bag of mine!
What do you do with a pair of
High School Musical silver leggings your Mother in law has given you?
I make them into a size 3T for Miss E... Beats paying 35$ at American Apparel!
This sweater used to be my sisters... It went from an XS to a size 3T!
 I just added 2 layers of lace at the bottom which I dyed in a silvery blue.
These hand me down leggings had some holes at the knees,
so I took another one of my hand me down sweaters which had two bear pockets,
sewed those apart and sewed them back on the leggings!
I hope I didn't forget anything! Hope you enjoyed this as much as did... I will try to sew more often, maybe for me next time! At least an hour every two weeks... I think I can handle that!