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Copy Cat: Celebrate Yellow... I couldn't have done it better!

Have you hear of


? Well you should! Are you nuts about DYI projects and looking for some great ideas? Free tutorials and patterns? Then you will love Dana Made It. They are so inspiring! And how perfect, they have a whole sections dedicated to the color yellow...  DYI pillows, recipes, awnings, bedding, flowers... seriously, I couldn't have done it better! So go check out their


and make something... yellow!

For other cool projects and awesome blog:



Copy Cat: Wild West & Teepee B-day parties to steal from...

When it comes to organizing a party the web is full of great ideas. Need some inspiration... You don't want your kids B-day party to look like a disney movie with Woody & Jessie plastered everywhere? Get inspired and go check out these blogs... there are lot's of ideas to copy from!!!
 COWBOYS & INDIANS party by Escarabajos Bichos & Mariposas: the party is seperated into 2 posts ( the text is in spanish!). This is one of my favorite!
BUCKAROO Birthday Party: This party has everything you need, from real ponies to roping & taming games, cute decorative ideas and the best lemonade ever! Go see the pictures on My growing Home
 TEEPEE Party: This birthday party is just too cool, and it's in a PARK, anyone could do this!!! One More Moore has all the details!
 Vintage COWGIRL party: How cute is this?  This website has plenty of party ideas... they also have the boys version, got to The TOMKAT Studio
 SHERIFF party: Great presentation and awesome food ideas... go to Somewhere Splendid:
 COWBOY party: here you will find some great games to play and easy decorations to make. All on Dandee
WILD WEST Party: a little Toy Story with lot's of other really great ideas... there is no harm in pleasing everyone!!!! check it out... on Minimocha:
My Little Buckaroo.... Huge party with lot's of fun ideas on Hostess: 



Copy Cat SATURDAY: Oh how I wish... 2 projects we should copy!

Komyodai Kindergarten....
Oh how I wish Mister M's daycare would copy the architecture and design of this Japanese kindergarten! Need I say more...
This project was create by y+M Design Office and built in Izumi, Osaka, Japan. This stunning contemporary space was designed to give the children a place where they would feel truthfully comfortable and enjoy every activity. 

Takino Hillside Park...
Don't you wish our playgrounds looked like this... or even a little!

You can visit this park in Sappora Hokkaido, Japan. The aim of this project was to create a place where children can play freely in the natural environment. The space was designed to release children from their everyday life chores, and awaken their senses before entering the forest. 

Wonders of the nests of the living things
The basic theme for the playground was nests. Images were inspired from the nests of various living things. They were developed to provoke adventure and creativity, and in super sizes so children can run around feeling as if they have become one of the small living things. Most of the facilities are covered with green and soil to unify with the surroundings. The forms include a tower of ant hives, an ant hive tunnel, the dome of a rainbow nest, the nest of mid-air birds, and fluffy eggs.

Co-operation with the fabric artist, creating free forms...

The net play tool of the rainbow nest dome was made in collaboration with fabric artist, Toshiko Macadam. Children have the opportunity to experience an artistic environment. Organic forms of ant hives were measured by computer from the model and drawn by using the data measured, then constructed by using the truss wall construction method.



Copy Cat Wednesday

I know, I know, I am supposed to be sewing... But I was reading my e-mails and taking a small break when I came across Stella McCartney's  Spring 2011 kids clothing line. If you know me, then you know I am a HUGE Stella McCartney fan... I've loved her designs since she first started at Chloé. And when she came out with her kids line for the Gap, I was one of first to go check it out and even got Miss E a few pieces. So as you might have guessed, I was really excited to check out the new collection. One item just jumped right at me. I couldn't believe it! I had to look twice! Could she have really done this? I was so disappointed! There it was, a really cute body suit with wings. But I had seen this little number somewhere else... Yes at one of my favorite New York Designers: WOVENPLAY. If Zara or H&M had copied this item I wouldn't have talked about it, but a designer copying another! Shame!!! I just had to get this out of my mind... Am I crazy? Do you see the resemblance?

Stella McCartney Kids



Copy cat saturdays: Little Lovely!

Do your kids love to dress up? I know mine do! Mister M is obsessed, one day his a fireman, the next a cowboy and always a superhero. Miss E is a little small, but she is already obsessed with wearing hats ( I really think that it is a genetic trait!).

So, there is this really great blog called Little Lovely, it's written by Khali a mom of two from australia. I love reading her blog, it's another one of my daily reads. Her sense of aesthetics is great and she always has something interesting to share. This week I particularly loved her selection of clothing that acts as dress up, but for daywear. She has gathered all the key pieces from all the great designers following this trend. So if your kids are like mine and you want to know where all these fun items came from check out Little Lovely... And if, like me, you like to read and discover great things for your little ones go and read Little Lovely!

P.S. If you love those cowboy p.j. they are on sale at Stella McCartney... grab them fast!



COPY CAT Saturdays: She did it first!

So let me tell you a little about saturdays and what I am hoping to do... Saturday will be copy cat day! So what might you find on my blog on saturdays?

1. During the week I usually read many other cool blogs, so what I was thinking of doing was showing you some of my favorites posts. The kinda posts that make me think: "why didn't I think of that" or "too cool, everybody has got to see this".

2. (I did not have time to do this this week!) I hope to find some really fun street looks, or editors picks from famous magazines or some awesome outfit a celebrity was wearing. And then copy the look ( for kids) and tell you where you can buy the clothes to get the look! Sounds complicated... trust me, it will be complicated for me, but easy breezy for you!

So today, I will still follow through with the Rabbit Year theme. It's my last Bunny post, until Easter that is!  Bloesemkids is a really great blog... It's one of the first kids blog I've been following. If you are a design conscious parent you will love Irenes picks, her daily updates include finds, crafting, cooking and much much more... I particulary loved her chinese new year finds... all about the rabbit!  And you can find out where to buy all these adorable bunnies by visiting her site: