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I recently came across this wonderful french blog called


and thought I would share it with you today. It's a lovely blog full of inspiring images about everyday life, living in France with boys with one crafty mama and so it's also filled with amazing DIY and lovely finds. 

The advent calendar you see up top, is by far my favorite one I've seen this year. It comes with all the instructions you need to make your own. I don't make advent calendars but I can imagine many other uses for this. It is simply too cute and awesome. 

 Learn how to recycle your plushes and make this adorable chair. Seriously?

I just love the idea of personalizing your kids room with this cute lettering. This would be fun for adding as a tag to your gifts and presents this holiday season. The DIY is on the blog too, as are many many more.  

I love seeing bits and pieces of this little families everyday life. They seem like one cool family. How sweet is the kids room?

So not only will you find fabulous DIY's and live a little of the french lifestyle but you will also get to discover some other amazing artist and finds. 

So I won't keep going on on, just check it out for yourself...



Blog Luv: Llevo el Invierno

Have you ever seen such a cute and amazing collection of DIY & Tutorials for kids?

It's no wonder I L-O-V-E 


 and her blog

Ilevo el invierno

!!! Her goal: 1 tutorial a week, this is one creative and busy momma... Seriously, I had such a hard time selecting my favorites, you'll find tutorials of all kinds: sewing clothes and accesories, jewelry making, potato stamping, home decor, plushes and much much more... for the kids and even you.

You'll also get a glimpse into this cute little family's life, thrifty find, love of books...

Thank you


for sharing all of your lovely ideas!



Let the Sunshine in!

I've been awarded the Sunshine Award by one of my favorite blogs Flannery O'kfaka and friend Andrea. She couldn't have picked a better day, because although the sunshine is out today in Montreal, I'm feeling slightly under the weather this morning and highly emotional! And this has put a huge smile on my face and even a tear or two... 
She believes I deserve this award because: "Celina recently discovered her back is injured even more than she suspected and I think totally deserves a bit of sunshine.  She's been such a great help to me.  When I jumped into deep water that went well above my head to take on my first kids fashion editorial, she came to my rescue.  Thanks Celina, for suggesting great designers.  I would have been lost without you!" 

When receiving the award you are asked to answer some sunshine questions and then pass the award to 5 other bloggers who deserve a little sunshine too.

Part 1: The questions...

Favorite colour:
 I love colors and different colors for different reasons. But I would have to say any shade of turquoise would be my favorite.

Favorite animal: Oh! I'm not an animal person, but if I had to choose one I would say, hummm, a fox. 

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Coca-Cola and no diet stuff for me, I can't stand the taste of aspartame. 

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, all the way. I have a hard time with Twitter, only because I don't know how to use it well and desperately need someone to explain to me.

Favorite number: 3... don't know why, just is! Maybe that's why I would love a 3rd kid :)

Favorite day of the week:
 Sunday, it's usually the only day I get to spend with my little family. 

My passion: My CHILDREN and everything that goes with that... Was that a little cheesy? I think you know what my passion is... kid's design!

Getting or giving presents: Giving, i just love to see the expressions when someone opens a gift. I usually put a lot of effort in choosing a gift for someone and get such pleasure when they love what I've chosen. Don't get me wrong, I love getting them too!

Favorite pattern: I have a love hate relationship with patterns... As much as I love them I have a hard time incorporating them in my life. I have a soft spot for the typical Liberty flower print or any vintage inspired pattern as well. The pattern I have the least issues with are stripes... I'm not sure I would even call that a pattern though!

Favorite flower: Once again, I'm not a flower person either. Although the liberty pattern is my favorite, go figure! I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so I really dislike anything "smelly". I like monochrome bouquets or perhaps an Orchid and fields of wild flowers.

Part 2: My nominations for the Sunshine Award goes to... 

(I really wish I could give it back to Andrea and I've been checking out who else got the award and so many of my favorites got it already, so I'm trying to spread the love a little further...)

KENZIEPOO: Rachelle has given me the great opportunity of working with her over at La Petite Magazine & Blog, and I am forever grateful. Also, her blog Kenziepoo is a delight and always inspiring to me.

SMALL FOR BIG: Mari exudes rays of sunshine, although we've never met and this is going to sound a little esoteric, the energy I get from her is always so positive! I love following her on Twitter and her blog is always filled with interesting finds, creative idea and lot's of inspiration. So hopefully I can shine the light on her today!

RAFA Kids: Agatha is a real sweet person, I've only recently met her through Facebook and absolutely fell in love with her blog. She is also working on building her website and a furniture line, which from the looks of the prototypes I think will be a great success. So I send her a little sunshine, because you need all the light you can get when running a family and starting a new business adventure. 

CLASSIC PLAY: Jennifer is another one that seems to ray with light. Her blog Classic Play is favorite of mine, she makes me want to be a better mom and for that I Love her and send all the sunshine I can! 

FOODING and LIFE: Type 1 Diabetic me: Tamara is one of my best friends and she is probably the most deserving of this award. She lives day in and day out with Diabetes and I've never seen someone so positive, energetic and motivated in my life. Honestly I'm not sure how she does it, but when have days like today, i like to think of her as a source of motivation and example, because next to her I have it great! She needs all the sunshine she can get, specially these days, as she is expecting her second child. Yeahhhh! If you know someone with diabetes, I strongly suggest they read Tammy's blog, she is a great coach, has amazing advice and the yummiest recipes...

Thanks for listening... 




Part I of 3: I'm with Leia and the wonderful gift....

Do you remember the Craft It forward Giveaway I did back in November? Basically, in order to get the gift I had to comment on a participating blog and pledge to then host the giveaway myself and make something to the first 5 commentators... So I commented on I'm with Leia's blog and got the greatest gift!!! 

Today I'd like to tell you little more about I'm with Leia's blog, because I love it! I really enjoy reading about other peoples lifestyles, hobbies and tastes especially when they live far from me and enjoy the same things as me...

I especially like reading Heidi's blog because I can discover a little about the Copenhagen ways of life, I enjoy all the knitting she does and she really does showcase some lovely finds and photos. It's like living in Denmark for a couple minutes everyday...

Did I mention she's really sweet! YUP, That too!!!

I'm so glad I participated in this Craft It forward Giveaway... This hat and snood keep me warm on the coldest of winter days! And Heidi has inspired me, come back tomorrow for part 2.... I can't thank you enough Heidi!!!




Have you heard the amazing news? KICKCAN & CONKERS has open up shop and I'm so excited!!!!

First let me tell you a little about the blog, it's by far one of my favorites, I've talked about it, referred to it on many occasions... Sometimes I feel a little bit like a stalker, I check it the minute a new post goes up, trying to never miss link. I'm always in awe with all that Deborah finds and showcases, her selection never ceases to amaze me, from modern to vintage, from fashion to toys, her taste is impeccable... And now with the online boutique we can dive into her world and actually own a little piece of it for ourselves. 

Deborah will make you travel without moving from the South of France, to England, through Poland and all the way to Japan. I just love to discover what the world has to offer through her blog and now her shop.
Expect to find the unexpected, the creative, the vintage, the new, the old, the quirky... All that for all ages.

I hope you will enjoy this little shop as much as I do ... I know I'll be checking it out often and I have a strong suspicion you'll be hearing more about Kickcan & Conkers arround here!

Don't forget to check out my virtual calendar from today, my selection happens to be from Kickcan & Conkers!



Designer of the Year.... LM

I cannot possibly end this year of blogging without showcasing my FAVORITE 2011 designer, blogger creator, artist, dream maker, magician... LIESCHEN MUELLER.

You have no idea how I wish I could buy everything she makes for Miss E... You have to be quick, her creations are sold out as soon as they hit her online store!

I check her blog daily, just so I don't miss anything, wether it's her new creations,  to get a glimpse of what she's working on next or perhaps just to see the quirky videos she posts here and there...

I admire her creativity, she never ceases to amaze me... She is not a trend follower, but a avant-gardiste, a trend setter, a true artist.

I can't wait to see what's in store for next year (click here for a sneak peak)... Thank you LM for making this one a delightful year!



MishMash Friday no.4

Another week went by, and it was a little quieter around here! Maybe it's the colder weather that has slowed everything and everyone down... Nonetheless, I kept busy ad here are my new found loves!

The art above ( found via Miss Moss) says it all... Unfortunately, I don't get breaks every day... This week was a good one and I got many which means lot's of things to share today and in the coming weeks!!!

You know how much I love Wovenplay, right? And I absolutely love Katelyn Mooney works, she sure can style a kids photo-shoot! So put the two together and you get serious awesomeness...

WOVENPLAY from papier mache magazine on Vimeo.

How awesome is this cube hideaway? The best thing is that it fits in your pocket! It's the most portable playhouse ever... It's not intended for small kids, just the big ones like me! Actually, it was intended for the MOMA and is only a prototype... Too bad! "Basic House" by Martin Azua.

Have you heard? Wool and The Gang has a range of knitting kits for kids now, it was about time! I'm loving this chunky striped sweater. And check out the scarf in action in this cute video by Jake Davis on Vimeo.

What do you spy with your little eye? Get your free download of this 19th century print here...

Have you ever seen a cuter golden tiara? Well now you can make the same by following this tutorial.... This blog has the best tutorials... SERIOUSLY.
It's in Spanish, but who cares... Use google translate !
Have a great weekend everyone... I'll be busy making Mister M's and Miss E's costumes, I might attempt at making a little something for me as well! And I have two pumpkins to carve... So much fun! See ya Monday... ( photo via here)



I HEART: Handmade Charlotte...

Perhaps you've heard of Handmade Charlotte before, it's this wonderful blog about kids design with the most amazing selection ever! I would have never thought that you could be in the know, ultra cool and successful while living on a farm with 5 kids and a bunch of animals in the middle of nowhere... Thanks to Rachel, I now know it's possible and boy do I envy her! To top it off, she just launched a new capsule collection in collaboration with none other than Anthropologie.

The collection is as cute as can be, with the most precious appliqué and embroidered details. I'm loving the colors and the luscious fabrics.
What little girl wouldn't look adorable in these vintage styles?

Did you know Anthropologie ships to all of North America... Yeahhh!

What's not to love?



MishMash Friday no.1

If you've been following me on my blog, then you already know that I have been back to work, but did you realize that it's been 4 weeks already! Perhaps you've noticed that I am getting better organized and have been blogging a little more, especially in the past week.
What you don't know is that in the past I used to read a lot of other blogs, my daily routine was to wake-up and while I had my morning coffee I would read. While Miss E napped, I would read. Whenever I had a chance I would read.... Now my time is limited, but there are those blogs I just can't help but read and I try my best to check them out daily!
Here's what I liked from my absolute favorite blogs this week!
First, I'd like to wish all of my readers a Shana Tova! It's the Jewish New Year this week... So you should check out this really cute Israeli brand at Paul et Paula, one of my favorite daily reads! Check out Peggy's online store too, she has some really cute handmade (by her) items that I am sure you will love...
I am always so excited to see what Deborah of Kickcan & Conkers is going to come up with next... This week you should check out this home. It is such an inspiring space... If only I could trust my children not to draw on the sofa or the walls or the floor or or or....
I am so happy I stumbled upon Small for Big months ago, I love Mari's selection. This week she made me discovered the coolest online store with a great boys selection, now that's rare! I get my second pay check this week and I think I might spend some of it here!
So I don't just read kiddy blogs... I love, love, love Miss Moss, check out her moodboard... I love that Diana is from South Africa and that summer is just starting there, she brightens up my grey days with her summery posts!
I'll have more blog love next week, in the mean time...
Happy reading and have a great weekend!



Blog Luv: Baby Blackbird

Are you into kids fashion and want to be up to date with all the latest trends, then you must check out Baby Blackbird, on a daily basis. This blog is truly amazing! The daily features are always interesting and inspiring... Some of the features are: I heart handmade (an amazing choice of handmade items), Top Shops (a list of cool stores around the world), Trendy Little Things (a round-up of what's in style) and my favorites are Mini Street style ( photos of "street styling" kids from all over) & Mini Celebrity (get inspired by celebrities style to dress your little ones) and of course much much more. Oh! this blog is from Toronto, Canada. Yeahhh!!!
Here's a little taste, so go check it out...

All photos from Baby Blackbird



Blog LUV: Lula Honey...

First I just wanted to say that I'm having some trouble with my computer... So I might not be able to blog in the next coming weeks, let's just cross our fingers and hope my graphic card keeps working! That being said, I am really excited about todays post...
If you happen to know me a little, well you wouldn't describe me as being the "rock n' roll" type! I don't brake the rules, I don't take many chances, I couldn't imagine getting a tattoo,  I'm pretty quiet and most often of the time quite shy... I have thought of getting some sort of Mohawk at some point in my life and yes, I have dyed part of my hair turquoise, and I've tried to do the whole rock n' roll wardrobe thing, but it just doesn't suit me! I own one tee with some skulls on it and when I wear it I feel a little awkward. I admire those who can pull of the look. I love the whole washed out denim, skull jewelry, studs and leather pants look and I love it even more on kids. I try to do my part with Mister M and Miss E, I think they can sport the look better than I ever could... And if anyone can, well it's at Lula Honey. This blog is rad... I love everything about it! The collections they choose to showcase, the vintage images, the rock attitude! And how awesome is the name? This is by far one of my favorite blogs, it's got all the cool attitude I wish I had! It's really is inspiring and it makes me laugh... what more do you want?

Here are some images from the blog...

So what are waiting for, go check it out for yourself at

Also, I entered a giveaway on Lula Honey and look what I won (in purple), now if only Canada Post would quit being on strike, Miss E could finally wear them!!!