Before I announce the winners of the giveaway we had for Handmade Revolution week, I thought it would be nice to talk a little about the sponsors we had and tie it all in with the amazing week we had. I have chosen some of my favourite patterns from each designer and will let you know how I would upcycle them. Let's keep the conversation going- Fashion revolution week should not be something we talk about and participate in for just that week, it should be something we do naturally and not even think about. Sustainable, eco-friendly fashion and most importantly transparency should be the norm. Fair wages and good working conditions should not even be a topic in 2016, but unfortunately that is not the case. And this problem doesn't stop at the manufacturing level, we need to push further and look at the textile industry too. Of course sewing for ourselves is a step in the good direction! How about shopping for sustainable fabrics? You can read more about that here

Nosh Organics is a great online shop which carries a great selection of certified organic knits. They have many great colours to choose from and some fun prints too. The hand and weight is lush and quality excellent. I absolutely love their colour combinations and their stripes are my favourite.

UpCraft Club is a market place with all kinds of different patterns from different pattern designers. A one stop shopping spot. These Abby socks are perfect for using scraps of fabrics or upcycling old t-shirts and sweaters. You don't need much and the result is so cute. 

Titchy Threads has some really great fitting patterns. A lot of great basics that can let your imagination soar. The Twisted tank and Fancy Pant leggings have some fun details that make upcycling old tees fun by using more than one colour or print and piecing them together. Colour blocking is always a great way to upcycle old clothes. 

LOL Top by  La Folie.

LOL Top by La Folie.

Jennuine Design has some really cute patterns for girls. From dresses and rompers to hats and bags. Her Sweet Pea cap is perfect for upclying, the pieces are small enough you could cut them out of pant legs or pretty much any type of clothing. Her LOL top can be made in knits or woven's, you could use an old dress or skirt. Skirt are a great source of fabric. Often if i don't have enough fabric for the pattern to fit on, I will either piece fabric pieces together or narrow my pattern piece a little. Sometimes cheating is the only way! 

Sew Much Ado makes the most adorable patterns, so girly and sweet. Her Magrath dress is perfect for upcycling and combining two different fabrics together. If you are looking for tweeds, look at the skirt section of your thrift shop Or you can take a part a pair of men's pants as well. I usually try to buy the largest sizes available, they provided an incredible amount of fabric. The same goes with dresses. Maternity clothes are a good source as well. The peplum top can be colour blocked too! When taking apart a t-shirt be sure not to leave the sleeves out, you would be surprised how much fabric they provide. I love finding tees with no side seams, they give a lot more possibilities for upcycling. 


Coffee and Thread's patterns are great basics with a twist with impeccable finishes. Her patterns offer great opportunities for upcycling since they have lot's of options for colour blocking. The Wild and Free lounge pants would be perfect for piecing knits together or even to downsizing a pair of leggings. The Mulberry Tunic is another great pattern for upcycling old men's shirts. You'll be surprised to see how much fabric is in a men's shirt sleeve only. Or try using a table cloth, sheets or curtains for fabric. 

Straightgrain creates the loveliest of pattern for girls. Her dresses are adorable and fantastic for colour blocking as well. As with the other patterns finding vintage sheets or sourcing fabrics from dresses and skirts would make for one of kind Tiny Dresses and Ishi ones too. The possibilities are endless and results fun. 

LBG Studio make some pretty awesome bags, but her cardigan is quite cute too. Accessories are perfect for using scrap fabrics or for upcycling as well. You can usually figure a way to make everything fit. The Aster cardigan is perfect for upcycling old sweaters, the cropped length and sleeves make it even easier than a regular cardigan. 


Rock The Stitch has some great designs, a lot of thougth always goes into the design and the results make for super pretty items. Both the Trinity tee and Fawn Lily Tunic have great opportunities for colour blocking and playing with fabrics. You can come with some really creative ways of upcycling old clothes, which is always fun! 

The Miss Poly by Sew Pony has a lot of great potential for upcycling. I do also love shopping for vintage fabrics or going to my local thrift shop and checking out the fabric section- I always end finding the most interesting textiles there. 

The cocoon dress by Groovybaby and Mama can be modified by adding a few seems to make it easier to upcycle some old tees or use a maxi knit dress to create it. Sometimes you need to think outside the box, which is what I love about upcycling. 

Do Guincho's Bubble shorts can be cute as summer short or winter ones. Here again upcycling skirt and dresses would be fun or even some wide pants or culottes. Cute, cute, cute!

Ash Jumpsuit by  Made by Sara

Ash Jumpsuit by Made by Sara

Petit a Petit Patterns, as with all the previous patterns you just need to come up with some fun solutions to make a pattern fit into a fabric you love. Sometimes it means cheating a little and cutting against the grain, other time it means adding a seam or maybe trimming off 1cm here and there. You just need to add a little imaginations which is why I love upcycling so much, the challenge and satisfaction for making it work always makes me happy. How pretty is the Ash Jumpsuit in the recycle old sari fabric? Swoon. 

Ok so now you are dying to know if you won???

Congratulations to: Paulina, Carla, Nelleke, Diana and Murielle. We will email you with all the details.

We can't wait to see what you make and don't forget to tag your photos with #petitapetitblog