Welcome to the last day of May and Sew Japan with Mie.

First of all...let's just pretend that there are not a chocolate stain on her dress, okay hehe.

We took some photos, she got her prize (yes, chocolate) and then I realized I needed a few more photos....I don't think I have to explain any more, right! Let's move on....

This dress was one of the reasons that I wanted to do this monthly series because I have wanted to make it forever and yet it constantly got pushed down the list by other things.

I absolutely love the ultra simple silhouette with some interesting details. I wonder if I have made her a size too big? I'm not sure the sleeve are suppose to stick out that far over her shoulders but on the other hand I kind of like it that way. It adds a little bit of drama without being totally ridiculous.

Here is the book and the style. Girly Style Wardrobe by Yoshiko Tsukiori. It is pattern h from the book. I have said it before, it is one of my Japanese sewing books where I want to make the highest number of styles from. I have made the skirt on the front page in navy for school and I have made THIS top. And I still have more on my list. There are the cutest dresses in this book.

I loooove the back. It is such a simple detail and yet so perfect. They are suggesting that you sew the tie bands but I just used some grosgrain ribbon that I had on hand. It surprised me that that green color worked with the colors in the fabric but I think it does, ha.

The fabric is Cotton + Steel. And it's not only C+S....this is the THIRD time in the 5 month history of Sew Japan with Mie that I'm using fabrics from Kimberly Kight's Lucky Strike collection. Seriously what are the odds?! THIS and THIS post also uses fabric from that line. What I really love about this print is that you can easily miss that it is actually domino pieces but then when you notice it, it is suddenly totally clear. And the colors are just perfection as always with their fabrics.

I added that little bow button per request from W. That turned out to be a really lovely touch.

The design is roomy enough that you don't need any zippers so it is a really fast sew.

Last month's link party was small but good. I have finally got it together and this time I'm only featuring one (but please check them all out in THIS post). It's a dress I actually have on my own Sew Japan with Mie list and my desire to make it is not smaller now that I have seen Marisa's from Thirtynine version.

I love the simple silouette and that wide elastic in the waist! Thank you so much Marisa for being such a loyal link upper and thank you all for linking and following along in my quest to sew 'all' the Japanese patterns.


We would love to see your Japanese creations, just link up here...