Welcome welcome welcome to the August edition of Sew Japan with Mie. I have SO been looking forward to show you this dress. Or pinafore more precise!

You might wonder why it is important for me to point out that it is a pinafore and not a dress. Well, my dear Watson.....I made this for W to wear to school and according to her school's dress code rules only polo dresses and pinafores are allowed. And I'm a rule followers by heart, hehe. Plus I would cry if a handmade dress got rejected because it didn't followed the rules. I'm still slightly shaken up from back when I hand to dye a orange-red Goodall cardigan more deep red, for it to be the right red school color, gah.

This is the book and the pattern that I used. It's another book from the 'a sunny spot' series and it is the first time I'm sewing from this particular book. It was Marta from DoGuincho that first told me about this series of books and not only that, she pointed out this pinafore as one of her absolute favorites. And it ultimately convinced me to buy 3 books that day, ooops. Consider this pinafore a tribute to you sweet Marta!

When starting to trace the pattern, I realized that the style is actually more a tunic than a dress, so I added a whole lot of length. I can't remember exactly how much but I think around 30 cm / 12" or so. It obviously became quite long but you know what I'm going to say....yes, she can wear it longer! And I actually like this length on her.

Another thing I want to note....the armscye (not sure that is the correct term to use here? But you know what I mean right?!) is quite deep. Now I knew she would always wear this with a polo shirt under (dress code rules and all that jazz) so I wasn't too worried about it. But if you are planning on this being worn without anything under, you definitely need to raise the side seam under the arm. Or lower the top of the front and back bodice together with the straps. I even shortened the straps here a bit and they could be shortened a bit more if the polo collar was not in the way but still. It's low....too low in my opinion. But it's an easy fix.

Let's talk fabric. The book has two versions of this tunic (with slightly different straps) and one of them was made with a lace overlay and I think that's where I got the idea to make it with an eyelet overlay. You know sometimes we store ideas/inspiration without even noticing it. So when the idea pops up in your head you think it's your own genius idea and then later you realize, ohhhh that's where it came from, ha. That's not just me, right? Last year I bought my youngest a navy eyelet skirt for school and it quickly became VERY popular. So popular that when I saw it on sale, I bought her another plus one for her sister. They are still in heavy rotation. So when the new school year was getting closer I thought I would buy some navy eyelet and yay, Imagine Gnats Shop to the rescue. 100% cotton, lovely patterned and reasonable priced navy eyelet fabric.

The other fabric is Brussels Washer Linen in navy blue from Robert Kaufman. It's a linen and rayon blend and it is oh so lovely and soft. Perfect for this style! In fact I used this fabric for last month's post too, ha.

I love the side panel with the added pocket. Lovely detail!

I think I have said everything that needs to be said about this pinafore so let's move on to last month's faithful link uppers.

As per usual I had the hardest time choosing who to feature, and more than once did I decide to just feature them all but then I got it together and decided to feature the one who sewed for a boy....because we don't have a lot of that on this series.

The patterns are fairly simple and they let the fabric speak. I love it! Thank you Karly from Paisley Roots for linking up your cute boy!

A new link party is open and we can't wait to see what you make! Don't forget to tag your posts on social media with #sewjapan and #projectsewit.