I finally got around to taking photos of the outfit I sewed back in April. They aren't the best photos, but I figured it was still better to post them than nothing. I'll spare you details about how I wasn't very motivated to take them and how I really despise this aspect of blogging and sewing for myself. After all, I really like my new outfit... perfect for the hot summer months ahead. So here is what I sewed for my Project Sew it no.04:

A crop top and a-line skirt. 

For the crop top I used some double gauze nani Iro I bought a little while ago from Miss Matatabi's. I really wanted to make the dress on the cover of this Japanese Sewing book: Chronicle Books Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops. However sInce I only bought 1 yard ( yes I learnt my lesson now that I am sewing for myself to get more than 1 yard of fabric when sewing for me!) I ended up shortening the dress into a crop top. I used every bit of fabric I had. I even used the scraps to make a folded hem at the bottom of my top and to make it that much longer. It's one of my favourite feature of the top now. 

Since I couldn't make a dress, I needed a bottom- so I make this super light weight A-line skirt from my all time favourite Japanese book Simple Chic ( you can see projects here, here and this one I also sewed in April here). So did you buy it yet? I used a light weight cotton poplin I've had and used many times already. It might be a little see through- oh well! It might wrinkle like crazy- oh well! It is the most comfortable skirt I own. I love the elastic waistband and pockets...of course. 


This was such a fun and fast sew. I really like the silhouette and I am excited to be able to wear either item with pretty much anything else I have in my wardrobe. Clearly this also counts towards my Sew Japan post for the month of May!

Now let's have a look at what all the wonderful seamstresses have been up to in the FB group- These were all made in March but they have all been busy creating some wonderful projects in April and May. You are more than welcome to join us any time! 

I will have a post up in the couple of weeks with my May make.. you still have a couple of days to get your done! Happy Sewing!

And here is what I probably most look like on a daily basis! hehe. Hat by Aritzia and sneakers by Converse.