This month for #pinandcreate we have chosen Celina's insect and things pinterest board. I'm a bit skittish when it comes to bugs, but looking through the inspiration imagery made me think of summertime and kids going to summer camp! There are always lots of colorful insects that come out of the woodwork during this time of year and I thought it would be nice to design a set of printable stationery for kids to use when writing home from wherever they might be visiting or traveling.

This bug themed stationery printable is universal - great for girls and boys to use. Also, it's not just for summer camp season, but for general letter writing all year long. However, it would be great to print up a set of these to give to your kids before they head out traveling this summer, so they are reminded to write back with all their shenanigans!

You can use the envelope template as an all-in-one mailer, writing on the flip side and sealing up to send home. Or you can use the bug stationery paper for more pages to slip inside the envelope like a traditional letter. There's also a full page jar illustration that is great for drawing inside of or including bits and pieces of ephemera for keeping. Finally, the last page is a lined page in case you wanted to print that on the flip side of the envelope or just wanted matching lined pages to use.

I can certainly see a DIY craft session with the empty jar page - perhaps a bit cleaner and less scary than collecting real bugs! Hah - that's my thought for someone a bit squeemish when it comes to insects - eeek! These printables can also be used for creating a bug journal or science notebook as your kids explore the outdoors.

What might your kids (or you) create using these bug stationery printable pages? Would love to see your creations - on social media use hashtag #pinandcreate.

Remember to check out Toya's inspiration from the same pinterest board in her DIY insect fabric tutorial from yesterday.

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