This art inspired series of mine is becoming more and more challenging by the day: it´s hard to run away from the obvious and still maintain simplicity. This month I´m bringing you a technique inspired by Picasso´s one line drawings. The idea is to make the drawing using an uninterrupted line and it´s amazing to see how a single simple line can represent so much. In order to translate this into something sewable, I decided to recreate an embossed satin stitch by using a tight zigzag over cord, somehow similar to cordonnet.

For those of you with older kids, you can try and have them recreate animals, faces or even words. I started with some scribbles on paper just to get an idea of what I was going to do, and then copied it with the cord. I interfaced a center piece on my fabric panel first (I used french terry) and then basted the cord while securing it with normal scotch tape.

After this, you´re ready to start. You can use normal or topstitching thread. I set my machine to normal zigzag with length at minimum (0,3cm) and width at maximum (0,7cm) - this can vary according to your machine and the kind of cord you´re using, but make sure to choose a zigzag width that covers the cord entirely. The curves can be tricky so go slowly and pivot whenever you need to change directions: always with your needle down, lift the foot and move your design a bit; lower the foot, do a couple more stitches and repeat if necessary. To really cover the cord completely and achieve a close to satin stitch look, I sewed over the design twice (fill up some bobbins first!).

Once the panels were ready, I used them as fronts for basic tshirts. The pattern used was the Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads, but for the girl version I flared the sleeves by slash and spread at the shoulder line. Well, I call it girls version, but my little one fell in love with the cactus and let´s just say a little bribery was involved in the photoshoot. The heart shaped face was my first try out with the technique, so a little wonky in some places but definitely usable and will become another tshirt too. On the cactus there´s a little bubbling at some places because I let some steam out while interfacing and it was only noticeable after I started sewing over the line.

Her skirt is an Elegance & Elephants Spin skirt in Nani Iro and my boy is wearing Morocco Shorts in denim. And inside her mouth is what worked as bribery, ha!

Overall, it´s quite an easy technique to add a little extra spark to some basic pieces. Hope to have inspired you and don´t forget to share it if you make it using #petitapetitblog!