“Only the very good, the very foolish or the very blind children of the school never knew those radiant hours filled with wind and salt, vibrant with the whiteness of the salt flats out there, sufficient to bathe an entire life in an infinit blue light which one’s eyes would never forget.” 

“The pupils of my eyes were still dizzy with the whiteness of Andalusia, filled with the blinding white salt from the marshes, penetrated by blues and light yellows, by the greens and purples of my river, my sea, my beaches and my pine forests.” 

Rafael Alberti. 1959. The Lost Grove. 

Autobiography of a Spanish poet in the exile. 

Motoreta clothing for kids- summer 2016

Have a look at how wonderful the summer collection of Motoreta is. I've talked about these wonderful Spanish designers before. Every season they bring simplicity and sophistication together so beautifully and what seems like effortlessly. This year they are inspired by the colours, sounds and magic from the flat landscapes of the salt harvests in Cádiz. You can see the influence through the selection of bird prints, as well as the plants. The blues and whites of the surrounding, as well as the bright yellow of the sun shinning. The wind is taken into consideration through the choice of shapes and silhouettes. A wearable collection for kids to play in... I can totally see both MissE and MisterM in any of these items. It is hard to choose just a favourite.  Also, I think a trip to Andalusia has been added to my long list of places I dream of visiting. 

The collection will be available online on Monday feb 15th at the Motoreta Shop and all your favourite children's boutiques!