cool loveralls pdf sewing pattern for kids

To get a pattern ready for release, I get to work with some crazy talented ladies (no men yet for me) to perfect the pattern pieces and the fit of the garment. We spend hours together making sure everything from the pattern to the instructions are good, scratch that... are perfect. These ladies sometimes sew more than one pair, when things like the width of the leg is too tight or the straps are too long. The pattern as it is today would not be as good without the help of all the dedicated and wonderful ladies. I hope you got to see the last post to see what some of my testers worked on. Today and tomorrow I will be sharing more of their creations. Hopefully you will see the versatility of the pattern and I really do hope you check out their blog posts, to see even more details and what they had to say about the pattern. 

First up, Thao from Little Cumquat made a really cool pair for her older son. She even distress the fabric, how crazy is that? 

This version had me looking for some fun animal print to make a pair for MissE. I mean, does it get any cuter? Be sure to check out Laurence's blog Blanche for more photos and details. 

The detailing and topstitching in this version is amazing. You have to see more photos of all the work Crystal did on her blog, Crissybell

I loved all the upcycled denim Loveralls that were being made, including this one by Kel for her son. The different use of denim gives it so much more character and is such a great way to recycle those old pair of jeans you own. Check out her blog Stitch To Pray for more.

I just love the classic look and perfect fit created by Lundi 27. Have a look at her blog for some more details. You would never guess these weren't store bought! 

Be sure to come back tomorrow for even more versions and inspiration!  

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