I haven't been part of a blog tour in what feels like forever! Today I am a part of the Chalk& Notch "Make It Mine tour" and sharing my hacked version of the Waterfall Raglan. First, let me say that this is my 4th Waterfall and this pattern is just lovely. I've shared a few version on Instagram if you are curious!

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waterfall-raglan-insie-sewing-pattern (14 of 20).jpg


I just love the overall silhouette of this pattern. It has loose fitting a-line shape with slim arms and a cute flounce at the hem. For my hacked version I used a quilted knit I had in my stash since last year and to accommodate the thickness of the fabric and lack of stretch I did the following modifications: 1- I lowered the armhole shape by 1-2cm on the body and sleeve. 2- I widened the chest by the same amount. 3- I widened the overall sleeve width by that much as well. 


I am pretty tall (5.9") and have freakishly long arms, so I cut my sleeves as recommended and added a cuff to the bottom. Yay! They fit perfectly now. I also added some length to the top pattern (there is a dress pattern length too included)- Approximately 15 to 20cm. 


Finally, to finish off my look, I double the collar by simply cutting on the fold. It stands up a little more than I would like, so next time I might just keep it the way it was intended or make it slightly wider. And I also doubled the height of the flounce/ruffle. I ended not having enough fabric for the ruffle and had to cut it against the grain. 

So there you have it, my Waterfall Raglan turned into dress/tunic. I really want to sew things that I am actually going to wear as opposed to staying hanging in my closet, and I know this little dress will be on heavy rotation. I've worn my other Waterfalls countless times. It's such an easy pattern to sew, with great instructions, notched where you need them, seams that match. Not only is it a satisfying sew but it looks really good too. Oh, and did I mention how comfortable it is? Gabriela has created a wonderful pattern and I highly recommend it. 

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About the giveaways... 

First, you can link up to the sewing party and win a $50 gift card to Stylish Fabric + a sewing kit! You can read all about HERE and link up to! You can also get 15% off at Stylish Fabric with promo code GABRIELA. 

For the second giveaway, enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win all these wonderful woman's patterns from the tour Sponsors. Seriously, these are perfect for wearing with your Waterfall, don't you think?

I should mention by New Balance running shoes are from JCrew, the jeggings I've had for over 10 years are from H&M and the socks are my daughter's from COS. I don't own any leggings, which I think would have been cute with this look. Also, I am excited to wear this as a dress, but most probably will end up wearing it with my skinny jeans knowing myself! 

Yay! I am jumping for joy! I love my new dress and I already know I want to make the original dress version of this pattern, not to mention a few for my daughter. So this is surely not the last time you'll see me posting about this wonderful pattern. 

P.S. With the freezing temperatures I had this idea of doing a fun photoshoot of me being silly and jumping around, but man is that hard. I am not so young anymore! I tried to take more action shots and dynamic ones ( my husband was coaching me) and that was also just awkward. I really think I would blog more about what I sew for myself if it weren't for the photo portion. I am always looking for tips and help with it. How do you get comfortable in front of your tripod? I mush rather be behind the camera that is for sure.