Next week, for us in the United States, brings Thanksgiving...

A holiday that brings pumpkin pie, turkey, football and overstuffed bellies...

It is a favorite holiday here in our house, partly because of the food traditions that it brings, but also, more importantly, because of the time we take to be mindful of those things we are thankful for.  

Last week, also here in the U.S., was a presidential election.  The results of which were unexpected.  The surprise and aftermath have shaken many and there is a great deal of uncertainty and worry among many of us.  

Today, this month, this Thanksgiving, now...perhaps more than ever,  we need to hold close those things that we can be grateful for...

Focus on positive.  

Last week, in a flurry of feelings and cleaning I felt a great need to post our gratitude up on the wall so that we could focus on being thankful and the season...

I simply pulled a piece of chalkboard paper off of a roll I had sitting around, added some decorative wooden leaves from my assortment of crafty goodies and stuck it up on the wall.  


Each time we are gathered together at the dining table to eat we've been taking a moment to reflect on those things that we are grateful for and then add them to our "Gratitude Sign".

There was no need of special or elaborate supplies...just some paper on the wall...but the moments when we think about and discuss gratitude bring us together as a family and more mindful of what we have in our everyday lives.

And those reminders, with the turmoil going on currently, is greatly needed.

Whether you are American, Canadian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish... I'm sure we can all agree that taking small moments to reflect on gratitude with our families is a good practice.