The skirt version of the Loveralls Dungarees is finally available for purchase. This twist on a traditional overall skirt is a perfect alternative for little girls who refuse to wear pants. I know a few of those! The patterns come with many options. For example, with the pant version, the top portion has 3 different closures and styles, and the bottom has 3 variations to choose from. From classic to trendy, you can personalize this pattern in so many different ways to make each version look completely different. Dress it up or down, give it a vintage feel or modernize it. One thing is for sure -- your little girl will love it.  

You can use a woven fabric without any stretch and opt for regular buttons instead of snaps, if you wish. A few of the pattern pieces are the same as the pant version, so if you have already printed that -- you will have less work to do for the skirt version. The pattern is offered in the shop at a discounted price until Saturday (Nov. 12) and you can get an extra 20% off with the coupon code BLOCK PARTY. This coupon is applicable to all the patterns in the shop for the entire month of November. There is also a bundle package with both the skirt and pants in the shop. And if you have already purchased the Loveralls pants, there is a special coupon code to buy the skirt at 50% off in the tutorial document. 

Now I think I will let the photos speak for themselves, as my wonderful testers did such an amazing job. Please click on their names and blog links to discover their amazing talent and even more details about this pattern. I really hope you will love this pattern as much as we do. <3 

Mimi Nguyen

Neome Morris

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