Hi there, it's Jane from Buzzmills!  I'm here to share another holiday inspired "Kids Create" project with you today!

My kids always get so excited about holidays.  Each holiday brings the excitement of pulling decorations out of storage and seeing them for the first time since last year.  They enjoy reminiscing about where each piece came from or how and when we made it.  This year, though, I'm not sure whether or not our Easter things will make it out of storage in time as we are currently in the midst of painting nearly our entire house.  Everything is in a bit of shambles and pulling tiny knick knacks out while in the middle of this upheaval doesn't seem the best of ideas. 

Fortunately, they also love to create new things and pillows...well, those can easily be tossed in a pile underneath a drop cloth when the painting begins!

These pillows were super simple to make and lots and lots of fun! 

To start, gather your supplies...

We used some scraps of muslin and traced an egg shape onto the fabric and then the kids decorated their "Easter eggs" with pentel fabric pastel dye sticks and fabric tape (like washi tape, but made with fabric instead of paper).

It's been a while since we've pulled out the "fabric craypas" (as I like to call them) and they were amazed how nicely they drew and how vibrant the colors were!  They each enjoyed coming up with different patterns and color combinations.  It was really fun to watch them think it through and then to put their plan into action...

I must admit that I was surprised a bit by how well they planned their eggs and by how nicely their designs turned out.  Each time I watch my kids draw I am impressed by something new that they've learned to draw or a new technique they try.

Once they were finished with the decorating we picked out fabric for the backs of their pillows and trim and they each had a turn at the sewing machine to sew up their pillows.  I basted the trims on first, because let's face it, trim is a fun addition but not an easy sew for beginners!  Then they stuffed and stuffed and stuffed...while I sewed each pillow closed.

They are thrilled with their new Easter egg pillows!  It was such a fun family project, plus the pillows are a festive addition for the holiday!

While our tiny bunnies and chicks and other Easter cuties will be missed this year, these pillows will fit much easier into our currently chaotic house, the kids got some more sewing practice, and now we've added some more Easter decorations to the mix for next year!