Taking inspiration from Celina's Kiddo... In my room board and Toya's room decoration from the same inspiration - I decided to create a printable that could be used as a sign for the front of your kiddo's bedroom door! I was totally enamored by the paper cutout artwork that Toya created, so I pretty much created the same thing for a clean and simple graphic art print!

The cool part is that the printable PDF has a form entry field so you can customize the text to your hearts content. Actually, you can leave it blank or type in your child's name or even drop in a quote. Pretty cool, huh?

Download kiddo color PDF LETTER | Download kiddo color PDF A4

Of course, while I was at it, I decided to save it as a black and white coloring page as well, so you can customize the colors as well. I was actually thinking it would be pretty cool to create the same art work with cloth and sew it all together? Or maybe create a quilt? I think it would be a fun project with the kiddos. The graphic shapes are pretty simple, so they could create their own and place them however they would like, using this example as a starting point. Everyone could make their own piece!

Download kiddo bw PDF LETTER | Download kiddo bw PDF A4

What will you create with these free printables? Would love to see your creations, so don't forget to use hashtag #pinandcreate. If you like printables, please hop on over to my blog tortagialla.com for weekly updates. Enjoy and please share these printables with your friends and family!

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