This month for #pinandcreate we have chosen Celina's to infinity and beyond board. I was drawn to the simplicity of a black and white palette, so decided to create a design with no color and only line drawings. I was reminded of pencil doodles in the margins of my notes from school and suddenly I was transported back to memories of the good 'ole days.

I think it's amazing how open to possibility children are by nature and somehow we seem to lose sight of that as we grow older. I'm often 'enlightened' by my own children who approach everything with wide-eyes of wonder and possibility. "Why not?!" is quite often the sentiment instead being held back by worries or silly notions. The reality is that there is always opportunity, no matter your age or situation and we must remind ourselves that anything CAN happen. 

With those thoughts swirling in my mind, I thought of my babies and how I must support them and keep their aspirations high with the amazing futures they have ahead of them. What joy it is to realize that there is so much to look forward to, because there is truly so much possibility. With those sentiments in mind, I created the infinite possibilities art print and I hope it will serve as a motivational printable to remind you of the opportunity and good that is possible.

Download Infinite Possibilities Print LETTERDownload Infinite Possibilities Print A4

Riffing off the infinite space motif, I decided to create a printable stationery set to share as well, since April is National Letterwriting Month. Yup, it's a celebration of snail mail and the old fashioned art of letterwriting. Try connecting with friends and family with a handwritten letter this month - because there are infinite possibilities that can start from a simple note! You can download stationery paper and a coordinating envelope in your preferred paper size below.

Download Infinite Envelope LETTERDownload Infinite Stationery LETTER
Download Infinite Envelope A4Download Infinite Stationery A4

From kids to adults, I hope you enjoy using these printables (you can even color in the art print) and remember you can see how Toya was inspired by the same pinterest board in her Infinity and Beyond Scarf Tutorial from yesterday.

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