Surprise! I am so excited and finally able to let the cat out of the bag... Today is a special day dedicated to my sweeeeet friend Ines- A few sewing bloggers/instagrammers have come together to celebrate this wonderful and beautiful soul. Ines has become a really close friend of mine, I honestly dream of the day we will actually meet in person- I keep bugging my husband to move to Portugal where she lives. Hopefully, we can travel there one summer. She has been so good to me in so many ways, she is thoughtful and graceful, she has the best sense of humour, is full of talent and ever so inspirational. Her smile is infectious and whenever I see it, it make me happy for hours on end. So when Sarah asked if I would like to be a part of a blog/IG surprise for Ines, I just had to say yes. So, I put my sewing brains on ( it's been missing if you hadn't noticed) and got those neurones working.

Well, it really wasn't all that hard to get IN[e]SPIRED, her creations are all so good and all so distinct- true to her impeccable style and tastes. I knew right away I wanted to make a [mini] dress from some knit. I had this lovely slub graphic print in my stash in navy and off-white [unfortunetly Nosh fabric is a little out of my price range these days]... at least this fabric still hadInes' name all over it. Next, I knew I wanted to make something Japanese inspired- however I was too lazy to trace a pattern and just cut straight into my fabric. I think Ines would approve of my laziness ;) although I did make the insides pretty with some bias tape to finish the facing and overlocked the dress in navy thread. I did screw up the neckline and made it too wide- that is what happens when you cut straight into the fabric even though you made a mental note not to cut the neckline so wide! But I fixed it by adding some sort of gussets at the shoulders and I totally love the effect. Isn't it great when mistakes work out? 


I also wanted to have a little surprise element, since Ines always does and opted to make a v-neck at the back. Finally, I figured I would wear the dress a lot more if it was a little versatile, so I kept it long and whenever I want to Ines-ify it, I can simply add a belt and show off some legs! 


Last but not least, I tried to curl my hair [with no success] and put on my [best] smile- it pales in comparison to the queen of the gorgeous smile.

Thank you, Ines, for being such an amazing and inspiring soul. I look forward to all that the future has in store for you because I know it's going to be amazing. <3 You rock my world! 

Illustartion by  Toya

Illustartion by Toya

Have a look at how everyone has been in[e]spired, it's all sooooo good! Check out the #inespiration hashtag on Instagram too.