Hello Petit à Petit readers!!! Eeek I can’t really believe I’ve just written that! I’m Inês, I live in Portugal with my two daughters and husband and I'm super excited to be part of this beautiful Family.

Crafts and artisanship have always been present in my life, particularly through one of my aunts who is an amazing maker, from painting to embroidery, she definitely inspired me. I ended up studying architecture and worked as an architect for a few years before choosing to stay at home with my kids.  Sewing only entered my life five years ago, but it quickly became a passion, I knew right away I had found my “thing”; that special something that gets all the creativity flowing.

I started a blog soon after, but gave up when I got pregnant with my second daughter. I also didn’t really sew much during pregnancy and until she was about 5 months, when I started following (stalking), yes you guessed it, Celina! Ha Life is crazy! She has been my biggest inspiration since and I’m so lucky to have her as a friend. Almost two years ago her and a few other amazing ladies encouraged me to create a new blog; I didn’t look back and created La Folie. It has been great fun and I hope you like the ideas I have to share here on Petit à Petit.


Throughout the year, I’m planning to show you some ways to customize Petit à Petit patterns. Don’t get me wrong I love them in their perfection, but they keep inspiring me to come up with different versions. So today I decided to share how to turn the super cool Goodall Cardigan into a cosy robe, I’m calling it the “Goodall Robe", original right?! heheh

This idea started taking form when I decided to make a Pajama using the Ash Jumpsuit pants. The style and loose fit are perfect and super comfortable so why not?! I used some flannel has main fabric; added cuffs with a bit of gathering instead of hemming; and replaced the waistband pieces with a waistband in the same ribbed knit used for the cuffs. For the top I decided to make a basic Tee using Nosh Organics free pattern, which I’ve loosely translated on La Folie since the original is in Finnish. You can find more information on the pattern here and you can find the Ash Jumpsuit pattern here.

Somehow I felt I was missing something; I had promised my oldest daughter I would make her a new robe since last years one was already small. So bam, the idea of using the Goodall just seemed perfect. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I hope you like it too.

I've prepared a mini tutorial with the steps needed to guide you trough the process. Hope you like it. First get your copy of the Goodall Cardigan pattern here, grab the tutorial here, and the pocket pattern piece here

Happy sewing and until next time! Hugs!