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You probably heard by now that the Friday Dress has been released. You can read more about it HERE and it's finally available in our SHOP.

P.S. you might want to take advantage of the 20% off coupon  (BLOCKPARTY) that is still going on until Sunday dec 11th for the Sewing After Block Party!).

Today I wanted to share all the amazing versions the creative and talented ladies created during the testing phase. I am always amazed at all the work and help I get from my testers. It's not always easy to sew something when it's not perfect and has potential errors here and there. But they ask all the right questions and together we work to make the best pattern we know how. 

Have a look and maybe this will inspire you to make your own Friday Dress, which we would love to see, so tag it with #isewfridaydresses and #petitapetitpatterns on Instagram.

Let's start with one of Petit a Petit's superstar cover girls, shall we? Ines' daughter looks so sweet in her floral Friday Dress above. I also love this version she made in knit! I need to make one now, too. She is one talented pattern hacker!

Jane has two fun-loving children, and she always does such great activities with them (you can read about some of them on the Petit a Petit blog, too)! She made her daughter a bright and sunny dress for the Sewing Block Party in a fine whale corduroy.

Mimi's adorable daughter is a superstar in our eyes. She was another one of our cover girls for the Loveralls pattern, and look at how irresistible she is in this Friday Dress! 

Chelise is someone whose sewing we have always admired. Just look at these amazing crayons! And she's got a You Tube channel, too! She made such a beautiful Friday Dress during testing, too. 

Crystal was one of our super testers. Not only did she test the Loveralls and the Loveralls Skirt, she also made a Friday Dress in a pretty floral cotton, too! Wow.

Ana was another amazing tester for us! Look at the gorgeous Friday Dress she made for her daughter. You can also follow her on Instagram here.

Sylvia was another party-goer in November, and you definitely don't want to miss her gorgeous dress here!

Sara made a fantastic Friday Dress using fabric left over from a dress that she had made for herself. I love their matching look!

The ever-inspiring Nina tested View D for us, but made a few changes to her dress so that it would suit her daughter perfectly. Check out her great stripe-matching here.

Katrien was a terrific tester, and we were certainly lucky to have a fellow designer on board testing for us. You might already have seen her cool Loveralls here, and now you can admire her beautiful Friday Dress here.

Laurence has such a wonderful sense of style, and we were lucky to have her test the Loveralls pattern for us, too! You can see more pictures of her pretty dress here.

Nelleke was another tester pulling double duty, making the Loveralls AND the Friday Dress for her little girl! She talks about it in her Sewing Block Party post here.

You won't want to miss Boeven Bende's Friday Dress in chambray. I love that floral belt!

Christine always makes such beautiful clothes for her daughter. 

Linda found the perfect fabric for her dress, she also made a super cute flannel one which you can see on Instagram here

Sofie R. made a great polka dot version and took her daughter to the beach for some fun in the sand. See more fun photos here.

I love following April's homeschooling adventures with her children, and I love her sewing just as much. Look at this beautiful Friday Dress she made her daughter!  

Tone's daughters made a star appearance in the Sewing Block After Party. I love the fabric she used for her daughter's Friday Dress! You can see her Elm Poncho and Loveralls in the same post, wow!

Thao closed our Sewing Block After Party with a smashing dress in a shiny, happy yellow! See more photos here.

We had two Sofies on this test, and Sofie Z's daughter rocked this dress, too! Check out all the photos here.

Tara made the prettiest Friday Dresses for her daughter. You won't want to miss the adventures of her adorable kids here.

Tinne's daughter looked like she was having so much fun in her Friday Dress! We wanted to join her dancing around among the trees

Diana made a beautiful Friday Dress in flannel, perfect for a brisk autumn afternoon. See her lovely photos here.

I love seeing little ones in dresses, and Szilvia's daughter is such a cutie!

Ana's daughter is so pretty in pink! You can also follow her on Instagram here.

Cynthia used a beautiful swan fabric for her daughter. What a cutie!

Rineke's holiday-ready version is so cute on her little one -- just look at how they go with those red boots! You can visit her blog to see more fun photos.

Elina made a gorgeous floral version. I love the rich colors she chose. So chic!

Lim made a pretty, summery version for her daughter. I love that delicate peachy color for the warmer months. 

Lundi27 was another superstar who made the Loveralls, the Loveralls Skirt, and the Friday Dress! I love how she paired this version with a belt.

Maria Luisa made some beautiful Loveralls for her granddaughter, so it came as no surprise that her Friday Dress was just as gorgeous! 

Michele made TWO amazing dresses! I can't decide which one I love more. 

Yui made a sweet dress during testing. You won't want to miss all the other pretty clothes she makes over on her Facebook page!

Finally, we present you with this cutie! Rena was a fantastic tester for the Loveralls pattern, so we were so happy when she joined us to test the Friday Dress, too. Her daughter is so cute!

A big thank you to all our wonderful testers!! We couldn't have done it without you!