I've only recently been buying fabric online and found it to be a little intimidating at first. I've had some really great experiences buying from Miss Matatabi's, her fabric choices are lovely as is the quality, her service impeccable and shipping lightening fast. I've also ordered from Mood Fabrics more recently and was pleasantly surprised with their choices as well as pricing. I love that you can get swatch samples too- although that doesn't help with my spending! Did you know Ebay had a great selection of fabric and sewing supplies? Ever since I started writing for them I couldn't believe all the good stuff you can find. Also, I hear Amazon and of course Etsy are great places to browse and buy. I'd love to hear where your favourite places to shop are in the comments! 

I've written a few guides and created some collections over on my Ebay account I thought you might all be interested in... 

How To Buy Fabric Online- tips and tricks as well as things to lookout for when shopping for fabric online. 

Fabric Stash- a curated list of fabric I am determined to buy. I love that Ebay has out of print fabrics as well as fabrics from around the world. I have my eye on a few African textiles and Mexican ones too. 

Sewing Starter Guide- if you would like to start sewing and don't know where to start, I've written a small guide with what you need. It's really simple and you don't need much, soon enough you'll be addicted! 

Ultimate Sewing Supplies-  here are all the sewing supplies I dream of getting or already have and love. 

I am always adding things I find fun and interesting to my collections, so feel free to follow me on Ebay or even just follow a collections you like. Happy Sewing!