There's a Portuguese saying that goes something like "in April a thousand waters" (Abril águas mil in Portuguese), and it means that this is usually a rainy month over here. So to keep my little girl "safe" from the rain I made her another Petit à Petit Elm Poncho Raincoat, since the first one doesn't quite fit her anymore. ;) 

This idea started taking form in my mind last year when I fell in Love with this raincoat from Debora's spread on STYLO issue 4. I thought it could be fun to apply this idea to Celina's Elm Poncho, and I can say I think the result is pretty cute and I'm hoping you like it too. :) Today I'm showing you some simple steps for you to make one too.

Transparent Elm Poncho Raincoat

You'll need:

  • Elm Poncho Raincoat pattern - available here
  • Clear vinyl, it's important you use the most pliable you can find
  • Fold over elastic or bias tape
  • Plastic snaps
  • Dry erase marker
  • Regular sewing supplies

Let's start:

First follow the pattern instructions regarding printing and assembling your pattern. Choose the size you need and cut or trace pattern pieces 1, 2, 3, 4, which are the only ones we are going to use for this.

Mark the 1 cm seam allowance included in the pattern pieces all around each piece, and then trim it off.

Take pieces 1 and 2 make a mark about 5 cm from the edge where they're supposed to join. Keeping the top edge aligned rotate pattern piece nº2 until the bottom edge meets the 5cm mark on piece nº1. Tape these pieces together. You may have to smoothen out the curve between pieces 1 and 2.

Take pattern pieces 3 and 4 and tape them in order aligning the edges. Then you're ready to cut your poncho out of the folded vinyl piece. No seams to sew, isn't that fun? heheh 

Fold your vinyl piece and use some wonder clips, or something similar, to keep it from shifting. Place your pattern piece on your folded vinyl piece and trace it using a dry erase marker. Cut all around and unfold it; you should have a shape like the one on the picture above.

Now you have to finish the edges by sewing the fold over elastic. I used a small zigzag stitch and it worked pretty great. I also tapped a bit of a paper sheet to the arm of my sewing machine to prevent the vinyl from adhering to it. Start by finishing the front pieces, and then proceed to the neckline and finally the hem. The little bow is optional and I just hand stitched in the end.

To place the front snaps you should use the guide that comes with the pattern, just remember to remove the seam allowance. Regarding the "arm" snaps I recommend trying the poncho on your chid and decide on placement, since we made some changes to the front pieces and the original markings won't work. 

You're done!

Hope you liked this idea and give it a try, or just give a go on the original pattern which is super cool and really fun to sew!

Have fun and until next time!