Holli here again with a super simple project! This unintentional theme of really simple DIY's has come about because I had a baby in April, and quick, easy projects are about all I can undertake at this point! I shared this DIY Boho Fringe Necklace tutorial last month, and this project uses the same material: T shirt yarn! I love using t shirt yarn in projects because it is easy to make, recycles old clothes, and is pretty durable. I recently used it to make a cute faux drawstring detail on these skirts. 

There are tons of different baby headband projects around the internet these days, but this one that I whipped up on a whim is my favorite because a) it uses stuff you probably have on hand, which means you can make one in a pinch, b) you can use it from the newborn stage through the entire first year (and beyond!)- many store bought headbands are for 0-6m but don't fit those first few months, and c) it is soft and won't hurt those tiny heads. Really, it's so simple it almost doesn't need a tutorial. But since I've never seen anyone else make one I figured it was worth sharing! 



Jersey fabric or an old t shirt



1. Cut a 1" strip of fabric or t shirt, with greatest stretch in the horizontal direction. Length should be at least 1.5x the circumference of the head. The width of a women's medium shirt made two headbands. 

2. If you used a T shirt, cut the seams off, or if it is seamless cut one side to make one long strip

3. Stretch

4. Wrap around you little one's head, stretching slightly, and tie a bow. 


That's it!

You can change the look a bit by leaving the bow long and loopy, or short and sweet. You can even cut off the tails, but sew through the knot of the bow if you do this to keep it secure. These are my favorite headbands to put on my baby because they stay on nicely but don't leave marks on her head after wearing. As her head grows a bit, just untie and tie again to fit! They'd work great for holding back flyaway hair on older girls and adults, too.

So what do you think? Would you make one (or twenty?)


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