This month for #pinandcreate we have chosen Celina's dust bunny board. As soon as I started looking through the pins, The Velveteen Rabbit came to mind along with warm, cozy childhood memories. Running with that inspiration, I started to draw and came up with a cute little bunny rabbit.

From there I decided to use the illustration to create a bunch of fun printables, from coloring pages to a full color pattern and also a printable poster with a quote from The Velveteen Rabbit. 

First up are the coloring pages for the cute dust bunny illustration and there's a page of clothing as well, so you can color up and dress your dust bunny! Remember how fun paper dolls were? Now you can do it with bunnies! This is a great Easter day activity for the kids as well.

Download Dust Bunny Coloring Page LETTER | Download Dust Bunny Coloring Page A4
Download Dust Bunny Coloring Clothes LETTERDownload Dust Bunny Coloring Clothes A4

Next we have the repeating pattern of bunnies, Easter eggs, tulips and greens - which I actually created as a full color design. However, I also made it into a coloring page that is a bit more complicated for the older kids or grown-ups to color. The full color design can be used to print out for papercrafting fun - making notecards, decorative tags or table decor - see where your creativity will take you!

Download Dust Bunny Repeating Pattern Full Color Paper 12"x12" PDF
Download Dust Bunny Pattern Coloring Page LETTERDownload Dust Bunny Pattern Coloring Page A4

Finally, going back to my memory of The Velveteen Rabbit, I thought it was only fitting to create a printable poster with the dust bunny and matching quote. It's a lovely reminder of how important our childhood toys really are. This print would be great for a kids room or pop it in a frame and gift it to a newborn!

Download Dust Bunny Quote Printable LETTERDownload Dust Bunny Quote Printable A4

I hope that you will enjoy using these dust bunny inspired printables and remember you can make your own spring plush bunny following Toya's tutorial and pattern post from yesterday.

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