I'm here with another project for baby- can you tell I'm living in baby land right now?! This tutorial is for a soft little lovey- or snuggly, whatever you want to call it- for baby to snuggle and hold, and it has a ribbon loop to attach a pacifier to. My oldest had one when she was little and it made it much easier for her to find her paci and put it back in her mouth herself, as well as giving her something to snuggle. It also makes it easy for me to find- no longer are we frantically searching for one of many pacifiers around the house as we try to calm a fussy baby! 

This project is a quick and easy sew- perfect if you've got a little one who doesn't allow for much sewing time! I used a soft and fuzzy minky from Fabric.com (found here) but you can use any soft fabric! Double gauze or flannel would make a great lovey, too! 

Materials & Tools

Minky fabric- two 14" squares

10-12 in ribbon

snaps (mine are KAM snaps, like these)



snap setting tools


optional: walking foot

1. With one fabric square right side up, place ribbon 1-2in from one corner, aligned at the top. 

2. Place second fabric square over top with right sides facing. Make sure to pin the ribbon in place, and mark with pins a 4in area to leave as an opening on the side closest to the ribbon. (I've marked it here with double pins so I'd know to stop sewing)

3. Sew around the square using a 1/2in seam allowance, taking care to leave the 4in opening unsewn and making sure the ribbon doesn't get caught in the side seam. Clip corners.

4. Turn right side out using the opening, using a chopstick or end of a pencil to push the corners out. 

5. Place one side of snap 1in below the ribbon and follow the instructions on your snap package for setting snaps. 

6. Fold ends of ribbon over 1/2in, then another 1/2in and set the other side of the snap through all three layers of ribbon end. 

7. Pin the opening closed, making sure to get the fabric backing and not just the fuzzy part of the minky.

8. Sew close to the edge with a sewing machine or slipstitch closed. If using a furry fabric like mine you can fluff the fibers to hide the line of stitching. Clip threads. 

9. You can now attach a paci through the ribbon loop, or thread the ribbon through the plastic end of a pacifier clip for button style pacis like ours. 

Voila! As with anything for baby, use caution and your best judgment when giving your baby a lovey, and enjoy seeing that sweet baby snuggle!