June's project takes it's inspiration from Celina's '...insects and things...' board. It seemed an apt theme as the weather is now perfect for outdoor exploring and enjoying the delights of pond dipping, or looking under rocks for ...insects and things!

The idea for this project came from working on sketchbook challenges. I had given my two daughters sketchbooks and over the last school holidays and we were working on a series of daily (or almost daily) drawings/doodles/collages in them. The stipulation that I must do them too came from my eldest daughter (couldn't really argue with that) and we took it in turns to come up with the task ideas. Inspired by looking through Celina's Pinterest board (and under rocks, of course) I suggested some fingerprint insect art. 

Fingerprint pictures are a fun way to get over blank page fear in sketchbooks and great for all ages. The pictures above kept a 3 1/2 yr old, an 8 yr old and a 34 yr old very happy for half an hour or so! We made the fingerprints using ink stamp pads, adding details with black fineliners.

insect print pyjama top

After enjoying the fingerprint pictures so much I thought it would translate well onto fabric too. My eldest daughter decided as she needed pyjamas the fabric would work well for that, so we chose to use a white cotton jersey as a base, but any pale coloured natural fibre would work.

To make the insect fingerprint fabric  we used:

  • Cotton jersey fabric
  • Fabric paints in red, yellow, and blue
  • Black fabric pens (we used Sharpie Stained fabric pens as they have a nice fine tip)
  • An iron to set the fabric  
  • Patience

Once the fabric is finished it needs to be set using a hot iron (according to the individual fabric paint/pen instructions. It can then be made up into a garment. I used the Rowan Tee pattern by Titchy Threads for the pyjama top. I actually marked out the pieces on the fabric before printing so we didn't make any more fabric than necessary. I used black contrast ribbing at the neck and cuffs and made some self-drafted leggings in plain grey for the bottoms.