Back to my art inspired posts! But I must say, it hasn´t been easy to keep up with the inspiration and also try and make the ideas sewable. I´m trying to focus on well known artwork since it´s easier to relate to, but also trying to bring you new techniques and ways to spice up regular sewing items. With that said, i´m open to ideas and things you´d like to see and try!

Magritte caught my eye in my previous teenage years, when all the filosofical questions arise and we are doomed to question everything about our existence, ha! His surrealist paintings are easy on the eye but deep in meaning; one of my favorite ever is Clairvoyance. I believe there´s a correlation there with us sewists: we do envision a future piece just by looking at the raw materials, the fabric and to me that just means we´re all artists.

So, my little DIY today was inspired by all the cut outs existing in Magritte´s work. I choose his iconic coco hat but the technique can be used with whatever shape you choose, just be careful not to choose something with too many tight curves.

I'm using a light but stable jersey knit. First, I cut two panels for my tshirt front: I´m using a top outer layer (dark blue) and an inner layer (white), so my final piece will be completely lined, at least at this front panel. Place both layers on top of each other, RST. Pick you shape, place it on top and pin thru all the layers, or trace it around if you wish. Then just sew around your design. After this, cut out the inside of your shape and clip the curves. Turn it inside out and press well.

At this point you could stop and just use the panels for whatever you had planned, but since I didn´t want that to be just a big hat shaped hole, I lined it: cut a smaller panel just big enough to cover the cut out and place it underneath. Now lift up just the top outer layer and pin the inner layer to the smaller panel. Sew these two together by following the previous sewing line and 0,5cm away from it. This will give it a little beveled effect. You don´t have to be too rigorous at the curves as it will be hard to sew around them.

Trim the extra fabric around your liner panel, give it a good press and it´s done! I simply used it as a tshirt front (Safari Raglan by Titchy Threads) and since my boy is now between sizes, I made him the bigger one and noticed I could have made my cut out a bit smaller to keep the shape proportions. It will definitely hang better as he grows into it. Still, embrace the surrealist spirit and if you don´t see the hat, well, imagine something else, ha! The glasses well, glasses just make everything more intelectual (and funny too) and the shorts are the Morocco in denim I made ages ago. Here´s my very free and adapted interpretation of Golconda.

According to Magritte, this is not a hat. Not because my design is open to other interpretations and you could see a snail or something, but simply because it´s just an image of a hat or, in this case, a hat shaped cut out. And in his words, "Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see." Or we could just change that see for sew, haha! Hope to have inspired you! <3