Hi guys, Kristi here from SweetKM. For fall I am focused on sewing the most versatile garments possible, seperates that I can mix and match so I always feel like I have something new. When I get bored with my standard uniform I like to throw on a scarf to add a little something new. While doing some window shopping a few weeks ago I saw the cape-scarf in a few of the stores I was browsing (example here, and here). I was tempted to buy, but decided it would be a really easy layer to make, and wear with just about anything!

The cape-scarf is basically a wrap with holes for your arms. These arm holes take the standard scarf to a whole new level of versatility.


You will need 2 yards medium weight woven fabric such as wool or flannel. This fabric is from the Perfectly Plaid line at Joann Fabric. Cut one 29"x 72" rectangle, and two strips of coordinating bias binding that is 1"x 14 1/2".

1. Find the center line of the main fabric parallel to the length. Cut a 7" slit along the centerline of the fabric beginning 10" from the short edge. Repeat with the other end.

2. Beginning at one short side, pull the threads out of the fabric along the short edge for the first 2". Repeat at the other end.

3. Beginning at one long side make a 1/4" fold the length of the long side and press. Fold over 1/4" again press and pin as you go. Sew as close as possible to the fold. Repeat with other long side.

(I'll be switching to a different fabric so you can see which is the right and wrong side.)

4. (left image) Fold a bias strip in half lengthwise, press.
5. Fold one raw edge to the center, press.
6. Open up the folds.
7. (right image) Fold bias binding in half so that short sides align, with right sides together.
8. Sew along the short edge using a 1/4" seam allowance to form a loop.
9. Press seam open. With the seam near the middle of the length flatten the loop. Press each end to form a crease.
10. Make a mark along the fold 1/4" from the edge, on the side of the bias binding that was not creased in step 5.
11. Repeat with the other piece of bias binding.

12. With right sides together, align the mark on the bias binding with one end of the slit in the main fabric. Pin. Repeat with other mark/slit end. Holding the slit open, align the bias binding with the middle of one side of the slit. Align the edges, and pin. Repeat with other side of slit. Pin.
13. Starting at the center edge of the slit (where edges do align) stitch ¼” seam around the opening using the bias binding as your guide. On the main fabric the seam allowance will taper from a full ¼” seam at the center, to just a few threads at the slit corners.
14. Press binding and seam allowance toward opening.

15. Fold toward the wrong side of the main fabric along the creases made in steps 4 & 5. Make sure the binding encloses the seam allowance, and covers the line of stitching. Pin.
16. With right side facing, sew along the binding, as close to the seam as you feel comfortable (or stitch in the ditch). Make sure you are catching the fold on the wrong side. Press.
17. Repeat with other arm opening.

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