This month's project pinspiration comes from Celina's ...flora... board, and the first of those long summery days spent in the park making daisy chains.

Today's tutorial comes in two parts, the first showing how to make the floral beads from polymer clay. The beads were much easier to make than might first appear thanks to the help of some flower shaped icing cutters (which probably won't be used for icing again!), and my eldest daughter doing most of the hard work.

The second part of the tutorial shows how we used these beads to make a necklace. They could of course be used for many other projects (on hairbands or clips or other accessories) or even a simpler necklace using cord.

To make the beads you will need:

  • polymer clay in colours of your choice (we used a translucent white, yellow and pink - although the pink beads didn't end up on the necklace)
  • rolling pin
  • small flower icing cutters
  • a rounded dowel or pen for shaping the flowers (optional)
  • a tapestry needle or something else suitable for making the small holes
  • baking tray and preheated oven

To turn your beads into a daisy chain necklace you will need:

  • 2mm round beads (we used silver and turquoise and you could always make these with the clay too
  • jewellery wire (we used 0.6mm wire)
  • a pre-made chain OR length of jewellery chain with clasps

Round-nose jewellery pliers and cutters would also be helpful, we didn't have any so used an old pair of scissors to trim the wire.