Although the news has been reporting that this winter has not been very cold, even just a bit of chilly air is quite enough for me. Taking my dog for walkies every morning means that I get chilled to the bone and it usually takes me quite a while to warm up my fingers before drawing. Perhaps I should invest in better mittens... but despite all my complaints about the cold, the cozy feeling I do love comes along during this time of year as well. Hot chocolate, snuggling in bed and the wonderful warm feeling of being bundled up and feeling comfortable... there are many positive sides of course!

I thought it would be nice to share my cute winter doll line drawings as printables since these little ladies are definitely bundled up for the cold winter weather. I just think they are super simple, yet super cute - a favorite combo of mine!

Obviously, these printables would be great for the little kids to color up, but for the older kids, perhaps they might enjoy collaging on top with paper pieces, or dare I say applique with fabric pieces? Really, the sky is the limit. I hope my little designs will spark some fun creative projects in your home.

Although the holiday season is always so busy, we need to always remember to take a breather and enjoy it with our families! I have a 3 year old and 1 year old to entertain, so it's a lot of messes, playing pretend and ripping of paper. Apparently those are the "fun" things at the moment!

Download Cute Winter Dolls LETTER PDF  | Download Cute Winter Dolls A4 PDF

Just use the links above to download the cute winter doll line drawings in your preferred paper size. It's super easy to print from the PDFs and then use for your own crafting projects. 

Would love to see your creations, so don't hesitate to tag me, @tortagialla on social media. If you like DIY crafts and printables, check out my blog for weekly updates.

Enjoy and feel free to pin and share this printable with your crafty friends.