I know, I know it's been months since I've blogged. I will blame it on a heavy case of the blahhhs and a total of lack of inspiration. There is nothing like scrolling through Pinterest though and having random images with the same color palette appear one next to the other to get my creative juice going! It would seem that red & pink are a trending color combination. How perfect, it is one of my favorites! Add a little orangey-yellow, add some hints of blue and I am over the moon. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Ok, I might me lying but these colors have me smiling and ready for spring. 

So what colors are you coveting this spring?  

color combinations that work-color trends-fashion decor.jpg

Source from left to right: You Are Small, Jewish Deli by Steve Herud, Ophelia Pang, Red Shoes source unknown, Pepsi source unknow on TumblrBellerose, Joanna, SuperselectedCafe au Lait

Now a little more about blogging, what would you like to see around here? I am thinking maybe going back and doing things like when I first started with more inspirational posts and some sewing here and there. Sharing clothing companies I love and maybe photographers and art that inspires. Are there too many blogs doing that these days? Do you even read blogs anymore? Can you help a girl out?

Thanks a million. Celina xx