Cloud backpack

My eldest daughter asked for a backpack/rucksack/whatever they're called with clouds on it for her birthday, so this month I turned to the ...partly cloudy... Pinterest board for inspiration. 

After looking through the board I decided I wanted to include rainbows in the design. Initially I thought I could print fabric with a mixture of rainbows and clouds, then the idea of rainbow webbing for the straps came to mind and there was no turning back. I sourced the 25mm wide polyester webbing from a seller on Ebay along with the silver triglide buckles.

There are some great backpack patterns available but I decided to wing it in the hope I'd get the perfect roomy size my daughter had asked for. The result is not refined enough to share as a pattern but works well enough.

For the cloud fabric I decided to print my own design onto blue cotton canvas using a home made stencil. I often favour using a stencil for small amounts of fabric as I find it is quicker to produce than a screen print and tends to produce a crisper result than a stamp.

Then it was time to sew it up (yes I snapped a needle or two sewing through all those layers of canvas!)...

Cloud backpack with rainbow straps

...and add lots of eyelets, strapping, triglides and stoppers...

...and a bright yellow lining. Because rainbows need sunshine too.

DIY cloud backpack