In August of 2014 I took my first photography class and learned how to shoot in manual mode. One month later I was taking my second course,

Visual Storytelling with

Molly Flanagan at the


school. I would have never guessed that a few months later I would be part of an incredible project called

Sham Of The Perfect. An amazing group of talented photographers from around the world would submit a photo every week of the beauty of their everyday reality. No posing, no yelling don't move or can you stand here please... just a real moment frozen in time. 

I can't believe I completed a 52 photo project! If it wasn't for the wonderful group of contributors, I don't think I would have ever accomplished this. They have been so supportive and a great source of inspiration as well. I am so happy they accepted such a rookie to the group and it surely made me work really hard every week to get a shot I was proud to share. This project has pushed me to pick up my camera almost every day and it has helped me grow as a photographer- for that I am super grateful. Most importantly I am so looking forward to continuing with this project in 2016. So be sure to check out the

Sham Of The Perfect

 website at least every Monday and then again once a month for our monthly favourite, plus all the other amazing content we have planned. If you aren't following my photography page on Facebook, come and like it as I share all my photo adventures there:

Celina Bailey Photography

So here you have a compilations, an inside look at my family's life as it was once a week from January 1st to December 31st 2015. We went through 4 seasons, I broke my camera and happily upgraded for a full frame and we went from a small apartment to our first beautiful home. All in all it was a good and busy year.  

I am really looking forward to having all these photos printed in a book.