About a month ago, the kids and I were invited to a fun little event here in Montreal: A Pop Up Shop by




. These are two Quebecois companies that have one thing in common: the cold! Harricana makes beautiful clothing and accessories from recycled fur, so basically things you want to wear during the cold winter months. As for Bilboquet, they make the best "cold" ice cream Montreal has to offer. As one company caters to the winter months and the other to the summer, they decided to collaborate and open shop together. As it's very typical here in Quebec to have ice cream shops close all through winter, Bilboquet has decided to stay open and host a pop up shop for Harricana. I love it when amazing people collaborate to give a fun end product! You can now shop for warm winter accessories and eat ice cream doing it! 

So we headed down to Sherbrooke street to have a look at what the hype was all about! 

Of course the kids were thrilled... ice cream for dinner and not just any ice cream! 

Vanilla for MisterM and chocolate for MissE, my kids are wild like that!

For the occasion Harricanna created some cozy knit hats inspired by the colors of the Bilboquet sorbet. How cute! With recycled fur pompoms of course. 

The store is small and cozy and is stocked with some fun hats, earmuffs, shawls and even jewelry. 

And of course a great variety of ice cream and sorbet as well as colorful and tasty macaroons and cupcakes. 

While I chatted with old friends, the kids had a blast playing and crafting with scraps of fur.

Made new friends...

Covered the walls in glitter and drawings....

and let their imagination run loose! 

So if you are ever in Montreal, pass by one of the 


 ice cream


pop up shops, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised and leave home with some of the best of what Montreal has to offer!