I've done a little window shopping and here is a selections of things I like these days, I'll be adding lot's of girl & boy stuff... clothing, accessories, toys and even some cute things for their rooms. Some are designer and some are not, a little something for everyone and every budget.

These are all items from affiliated links- just click on the photo and it will bring straight to the website. How's that for some easy shopping!


MistyMaMa said...

Bonjour, je suis française et souhaite faire un cadeau à mon filleul québécois, genre un beau pull à capuche, il a 8 ans. Auriez-vous des boutiques à me conseiller pour que je choisisse en ligne et lui fasse livrer chez lui, donc des boutiques canadiennes ? quelque chose d'original et sympa ! Comme ce que vous proposez autrement ! ;-)
MERCI !! Et bonne continuation, ce que vous faites est super !!

Celina said...

Oh MistyMama, je viens de voir votre commentaire laissez moi savoir s'il n'est pas trop tard. Je ne trouve pas votre email pour vous contactez non-plus. Merci :)

Ally and Woozle said...

Oh... What plugging do you use to make this! I tried to use the whishlist code but it's not very well.
Bonne nuit depuis Paris ^_^

Celina said...

Ally and Woozle, oh I use an affiliate program for these called reward style! Maybe you can sign up for it. I wish I could help you more, but unfortunately my coding and css is not that great. If you find a way, PLEASE let me know :) Merci!

Ally and Woozle said...

Thank you for your response Celina, I know Reward Style but my blog is too recent to apply. I have to be patient... Meanwhile, I'll try to code a wishlist by myself but I'm a little bit lazy with coding ;)
Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année

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