STYLO Issue 02- keeping it fresh

The second issue of STYLO is out! Woohoo! 

I am so beyond excited to share this issue with you. The contributors have seriously out done themselves and page after page is breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring. To think that all these things are handmade is mind blowing to me. I am so proud to be a part of this community and so happy to be able to inspire all of you with the magazine. Seriously even if sewing isn't your thing, the photography and styling will inspire you, the DIY's and tutorials are for everyone too. 

Our idea behind this issue was making it FRESH and bringing a little zest to everyones lives. I think you'll feel just that once you flip through all the pages. There is something for everyone. 

Fun downloads, Diy's and tutorials...

Something for the boys and girls, lot's baby stuff too. 

Amazing photos, many sewing patterns discover and fabric to go crazy for!

Are you ready to be inspired and want to sew sew sew? Check out STYLO Magazine over here. 


  1. celina--style is amazeballs. that's the best worst word I could come up with. started paging through on my phone--stopped, because this deserves the entire computer screen. can't wait to dive in to the rest. bravo, lady.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I am soooo happy you like it and yes a full screen is a must! :)

  2. It's a masterpiece! Thanks for powering through it...especially on Mother's Day weekend! I hope you got a raincheck! ;-)

  3. Just WOW. Will definitely include it also in my weekend sewing post. The Germans need to see this too. It's amazing

  4. No way....are you the one behind STYLO? Haha, juuust kidding.....and is was exactly FRESH. Loved every series....well you know...except for that one I did not like he he.
    AMAZING job to everyone and to you for inspire everyone to do their very best! I wish all blog posts were this STYLO :-))


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