I am finally getting back into my regular blogging groove! I don't know if you've missed my fashion and inspiration posts- I know I have, so there will be a little less sewing and more of the old features. Was there a particular type of posts you liked best? I have a few new things I want to try out too- so be on the look out for some new awesome stuff! 

Now about todays post- I got in contact with the creators behind Motoreta, ummm during last winter and have been wanting to share with you their amazing designs ever since! Where does the time go? 

I fell in love with their collection as soon as I laid my eyes on the beautiful photos. I love the simplicity of the cuts, the perfect choice of fabric and colors and most importantly the great use of details. I love the over sized bows and ruffles too. Yes, if you are going to have ruffles and bows they better be big! Ha! The crisp lines are perfect- stylish yet comfortable, everything to look for in a children's collection. 

Everything is made in Spain using only the best materials. They are part of the "slow fashion movement" where sustainability and global distribution go hand in hand. 

Could you believe this is their first collection? I am excited to see what is next! 
I suggest you check out their website for more photos and a little shopping! 


  1. Those clean lines are just right...I'm doing something very simmialr and ruffly myself at the moment...maybe I should supersize them!

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing! I could buy every.single.thing... Those clean lines... the design!... the fabric choice... Just perfect! I really like this kind of blog posts (on brands, designers, trends, etc.) so please please keep them coming... :)

  3. I'm with Sara, such great clothes! And I also love these blog posts but I'm curious about those surprise awesome new things you have in mind!!! :D

  4. Oh wow, I am kind of obsessed with this.....simple but so SO not boring. LOVE

  5. Slow fashion...i like it. And their


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