I MADE... Calling All Kids!!!

"No florals & pink" were the first words uttered by my husband when we found out we were having a boy, right there an then at the ultrasound. He knows me well! This was 6 years ago and I have finally sewed my first pink thing for Mister M, thanks to the awesome series called "Calling All Kids" hosted by the ever so amazing and talented Alida of Alida Makes.

Calling All Kids is a series that explores children’s clothing as it relates to gender. I know most of the clothing I buy or sew is usually pretty neutral. Miss E has no problems wearing all of Mister M's hand me downs and we aren't great fans of all things princesses and monster trucks. We usually leave these items to pyjamas or underwear. However, when it comes to boy stuff, it's always a little trickier. 

So you can imagine my excitement when I got invited to this series. I knew what I wanted to make right away: Florals & Pink. 
I usually ask my husband for his approval when I am making something for Mister M that isn't quite "conventional" like for this shirt and these ties, but nope not this time. And guess what, he loved it! His words were: "the shirt is so awesome and I actually like the shorts too!". Say what? I was pleasantly surprised. I guess it's all how you do it!  

I found this lovely floral at my local fabric shop, it has a little stretch to it and has just the right amount of flowers on it. I self drafted the shirt, loosely based on a shirt Mister M already owned. I curved the hems and added snaps for the closure. I made the neckline a little wide, I will know better next time. Then I upcycled some washed out pink pants I found at the thrift store. I kept the side posckets, back welt pockets, as well as parts of the original waistband. 

This kid is ready for a summer, wouldn't you say? 

We had fun with the photoshoot, I took the photos in my tiny studio with some crazy fabric I have from Ikea. Mister M pretended to be in a tropical forest. He took on his role quite seriously. 

Those back pockets are quite wide! The quirks of upcycling- I love it!

I am happy to know the whole family liked this little outfit. I think there might be more pinks and florals in Mister M's future! What do you think? 

I am on the last day of the tour, so I strongly suggest you check what everyone else has been doing- it's been all soooo much fun. Check out my friend Mie's blog Sewing Like Mad today for a super cute girly not so girly outfit. 

Thanks you so much Alida, this was such a fun sew!!! 

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! For some amazing prizes. Click on the link below. 

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  1. Oh it's perfect! Somehow it looks totally masculine! You nailed it, as always. :)

  2. haha i love it - he looks like he should be on a golf course in florida! super hip. funny you ask your husband about the questionable gender line sewing - i totally do that too. ;)

  3. It's perfection! Totally masculine, even with the floral and the pink. He looks awesome!

  4. They really WOULD make a great couple Mr M and Ms W.....next time we fly them together for the photo shoot :-) Love love LOVE this.....and I almost stopped breathing for a sec when I thought you sewed those back welt pockets, haha. I mean I know you can....but you know what I mean, right :-)

  5. Awesome! Yes, there must be more pink and florals in the future! Its just perfect.

  6. This is so stunning! Such a fun, easy to wear and quirky enough outfit! You've got a handsome boy :)

  7. That fabric made an awesome backdrop! These pics look so great. I would love to dress my boy in this!

  8. What a cute outfit! He looks like he's ready for vacation! My husband is also nervous about what I'll do to our boy. I'm not super girly, but I also have less conviction when it comes to the gender divide in fashion. I've already dressed the baby in floral and a teething necklace. Haha.

  9. I LOVE that outfit! You're so awesome. He looks stunning. Btw: I'm sorry that you didn't win PR&P, but getting to the last week is already great. And I loved your outfits - especially the "design your fabric" one...

  10. Super Cute!! What a great photo shot!! :)

  11. I would put this on my boy in a second, it's great!


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