Bringing Home: DIY color block necktie

Today I am bringing home the very first tutorial I did last summer as part of the Sewing Rabbit Team and my very first PDF pattern. I am sure you all know Jess' amazing blog, but if not have a look, it's a feast for any diyer & sewing lover like me. 

So here is a little something, maybe just in time for the Easter and Passover holidays coming up. Great for the boys and girls Enjoy!

Hello! I am very excited to share with you today my very first tutorial- I thought I would start with something relatively simple and ease my way into getting used to writing tutorials for everyone. I thought with the wedding season well on it's way and honestly my kids just love to dress up, to show you how to make a cute color block skinny necktie for your little children. 

I have created a PDF pattern for you to download ( my first! ), it comes in two sizes: small for 18mths to 4 years old and medium for 5 to 8year old. Once you've printed your pattern, pieced it together and cut it out, you'll be ready to get started! 

If you would like to make the necktie a little wider, then I recommend just adding 1 or 1.5 cm all around. 

You will need at least 2 different color fabric- I used some light weight cottons, some lining ( you could just use a light weight fabric), some light weight iron-on  fusible and some velcro aprox. 4-5 cm by 2 cm wide. Once you've gathered all your supplies cut and fuse your fabric. 
**Careful, your main pieces are cut on the bias and the lining along the grain.

Now you are ready to sew!

Step 1: place right sides together of the combo A & B of the tie and sew at 1cm from the edge.

Step 2: Iron your seam open.

Step 3: Place your lining on top of your tie right sides together. You will notice the lining is smaller- no worries it's supposed to be!

Step 4: Pin your your fabric- you will have to stretch the lining a little, which should be easy because the point is cut on a bias.

Step 5: Sew at 0.5cm from the edge.

Step 6: Fold your seam over and stitch at 0.5cm- this will ensure you have nice corners ( I do this for all my corners).  Trim the end of your point at 3mm from your seam. Repeat step 3 to 6 for the other end of your tie.

Step 7: Turn over both ends of your tie. You can use a pointy object to push out the ends of your tie- I use my scissors. Be careful not to push to hard! Now iron all your seams and iron the left edge of your tie at about 0.5cm.

Step 8: Next we will sew our necktie and loop, both at 0.5cm.

Step 9: Turn over your loop ( I use a loop turner or a safety pin does the trick too). Fold your loop in 2 and place it just above your lining, pin it, open up your seam and stitch the loop in place just at the very edge.

Step 10: Mark the centre of your tie with a pin, fold over the right side of tie- it should pass your centre point by 0.2 cm and iron down. 

Step 11: Overlap the left side by 0.2 cm and iron down. 

Step 12: Now we will close up our tie by hand stitching it- use a slip stitch. Here is how I did it- pass your needle through the left hand side of your tie and over to the left, slide your needle over about 2cm and start over. 

Step 13: Now iron down your loop. 

Step 14: Turn over your necktie and turn back in the ends by about 1cm. Iron.

Step 15: place your velcro at both ends on opposite sides and stitch right at the edge.

Step 16: place your ti and necktie as shown.

Step 17: Turn your ends in.

Step 18: Pull on both ends of the tie and necktie. Try to have the smaller end towards the back.

Step 19: Pull out on both ends of your necktie.

Step 20: Turn over and adjust the length- you might have to play around a little bit to make sure everything is nice and straight.
*** you can hand stitch at the back of your knot if you like, this will make sure your tie will not get undone. I like to leave it unstitched so I can play with the length of my ties.


Well, these are so easy to make and I wanted to give you a few ideas on how to match some prints, fabrics and colours, I made 4 little ties... 2 for my daughter and 2 for my son!

I made two of the ties with some neon mixed with a pastel- a huge trend this summer and it makes the neckties a little more casual. Dress up or down, wear it to a party or out for dinner. My Kids like to play prince and princess- don't all princes wear ties? According to my son they do!

I also made one with a mix of florals and pink for my daughter so it would still be very girly.

And a gingham and floral mix for my son. The great thing about neckties is you can add a little pink or florals for boys- my husband can't complain and I can be happy!

All the fabric was bought at my local fabric store- however I've made these before with my husband old shirts, I've used skirts and even t-shirts. I do have one recommendation, if you are using light colors, make sure your lining doesn't show through. 
Have fun and experiment! You can never have too many ties, right? 


  1. Love this! Going to make one this weekend for my nugget. I've been so focused on sewing for my daughter for years... and for the first time I'm really excited to sew for my boy and give him some style... he's not even 2 so he could care less what he wears... actually like all boys prefers to just wear less ;)

  2. I know it is soooo much easier to sew for my daughter, but I try really hard to sew for my son too. He actually really likes it and likes to get involved. So happy you like the the tie, I am sure your little one will rock it. :)


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