What's in your closet? Sweetheart Dress

Today Miss E is wearing her Valentines Sweetheart Dress... It represent Miss E's love for Minnie Mouse, the passionate and sweet side of love.

 It's all part of my sewing along project for Project Run & Play.

There are many more details and photos on my sewing blog if you would like to check it out at Let's Do sew.


  1. It's a really sweet idear. But I think the Heart is a little too big

    1. I agree! This was my first attempt- if I ever make an other one, the heart will probably be a little smaller. ;)

  2. Cute. This would be nice over a little ballet top and some jeans. You're a good mom :)

  3. @Robin, thank you, thank you, thank you- I try to be as good a mom I can be. It's not always so easy! And I just love the idea of wearing this dress with a ballet leotard and jeans! Miss E will be even more thrilled and with the freezing winter we having, that's just perfect :) thanks again- you made my day!


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