Coaters + Little Goodall

Are your kids in the dress-up phase? Mine definetly are, their isn't a day were my kids don't wear some form of dress-up clothes.
Imagine being able to wear those clothes out looking good, real good. That is just what Gitta was looking for when she discovered the wonderful world of Little Goodall .


Little Goodall  creates lovely handmade coats that ressemble those animals kids love, such as a lion, a dino, a fox, a bear and a leopard. They are all made in the US with thick soft wool and the the fox and leopard are made from sustainable felt thus eco-friendly. I can't beleive all the little details that go into making one of these coats- it takes 10 to 15 hours just to make one! Incredible.

 Here is the good news, these coats now available in Europe exclusively through COATERS. Gitta loved these so much she thought everyone should have access to them. You can find all the styles on the online store and these coats are available in sizes 1 through 6.
Fout more on the Coaters Website.

So which is your favorite? So hard to choose...



  1. I've loved these for a while too, they look so beautifully made.

    1. I'm always re-pinning them! and all the little details are insane!!!

    2. I think they were one of the first things I ever pinned. I think she says in her etsy shop that she takes commissions to make them for adults too :)


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