SMOKE... by vertigo bird

Smoke... is a series of floor lights based on scaled-down prototypical elements of suburbia – the factory, car, parking lot, and house.
These were created by Bevk Perović Architects for VertigoBird for lighting up living and working environments – to be useful and critical simultaneously – to comment on our everyday lives, surrounded by pollution and consumption.
As much as these weren't necessarily intended for childrens rooms, I think they would make a lovely addition. Don't you?

I like the simplicity of the design...

I like that they are elements of our daily lives...

And finally all the little cars lying around the house will have a perfect parking spot!!!

Originally found via KidsRoom


  1. I think this is SUPER cute! and it's a fun idea too.

    1. Cool:) I don't see pollution, I see a fun design! I'm a pretty positive person anyways...

  2. I want them!! Happy new year dear Celina!!


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