Nice to meet you: OLILO


Oh me, oh my! I am so pleased to have discovered the world of Olilo. These beautifully handcrafted baby shoes are seriously too much to handle. They have just the right amount of a handmade feeling mixed with contempory styling- now that's not easy to do!

The detailing is adorable- from the pompoms, to the laces and the colorful eyelet. The quilting and handsewn elements are just too sweet. I especially love the use of color and the perfect matching of patterns.

Olilo also has a cute selection of stuffed animals- there are a variety of animals to choose from, all beautifully embroidered.
Ummm... I think it's time I had a 3rd kid!


  1. Oh! I love Olilo! I've been following Janaina for some time on Pinterest and she has amazing taste!

    1. I probably found her through you!!! She does have amazing taste- I'm so happy to have discovered her little world.


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